Critical Role: The Neverending Day
February 15, 2021 3:33 PM - Season 2, Episode 125 - Subscribe

Having escaped the frozen fields of Eiselcross, the Mighty Nein search for allies and assets to help them in their fight against the nine eyes...
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Kima! Allura!

I totally get the reasoning (within and outside of game) to have Kima not join the Nein, but I have to admit, I was definitely hoping for it.
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A nice mood break for both the players and the audience; they needed a chance to get away from what seemed to be the impending doom they felt while travelling with Lucien.

Lots here - Kima & Allura; shiny new items; backstory for Beau; Veth using halfling luck; dreams for half the party (and maybe more eyes).

Date night cometh, and the ninja cats prepare.
posted by nubs at 1:30 PM on February 18, 2021

Veth using halfling luck

TBH, that was more Sam using halfling luck to (successfully) fuck with the group.
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I mean, that was a great payoff - if he was going to use halfling luck once for maximum fuckery, that would be the time.

I think Sam was hoping for a more dramatic ending to the curse - he could have died from a heal! Sam's the player most likely to like a fail as much as a success so long as it can be an interesting one. But also, Veth being cursed through the entire Eiselcross arc and nobody really noticing because, like, who hasn't been cursed and Veth has always been a little weird was kind of hilarious in retrospect.

I did like the stop for breath in this episode, but I thought that Matt reminding the players that they're still on a timeline through those dreams was a nice touch. Another (probable) eye! I really thought they were done with eye dreams unless they chose to go forward. . .
posted by dinty_moore at 7:07 PM on February 20, 2021

I was blown away by the scene with Yudala, Marisha was a raw nerve and the whole scene was a gift to all of us who have been in similar situations, I’ve rewatched it a bunch of times.
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The fleeing and pursuit from Lucien's gang was really stressful and good. They did a good job (especially Travis) of turning away from the bad idea of taking the stone to the lava river, and then finding the good idea (I forget whose insight it was.. Marishas?) that the mountains could protect them.
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how do these ppl not know how to roll a d%
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Percentage rolls are pretty rare in 5e; they've actually always been relatively rare in most editions, unless you were the DM. 1st Ed used them for thief skills and for the weird strength system, but otherwise I don't recall many d% rolls that were player facing.
posted by nubs at 6:44 PM on September 12, 2021

I suppose you're right, it's pretty rare in 5E (though they have done a few god calls already, and they did the Aeor magic fucker rolls.

IIRC the CR people played Pathfinder and 4E before 5E. I suspect there's zero player facing D% rolls in 4E, and the only thing I can think of from 3E was concealment, but that was just chance-in-10 I think, not sure if Pathfinder took that weird little mechanism.

1E had a few more D%'s sprinkled here and there like bend bars/lift gates, system shock rolls, spell learning shit. Maybe languages, can't quite recall. And the incredibly silly psionics roll.
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