Young Rock: On The Road Again
February 24, 2021 4:05 AM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Pennsylvania, 1987: Dwayne pretends he’s rich to impress popular girl Karen, but a date to Rocky’s wrestling match at the flea market risks exposing the truth. Stressed about money, Ata takes on a wealthy new client.
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I still remain surprised at how much I like this. I think the format works and all the actors playing The Rock at various ages are good. This is just so kind and weird.

I always found Dwayne Johnson to just be way too charming and as much as his presence carries this really far, I like seeing what happens with his younger selves. I don't think I really need the framing sequence and I kind of hope it's minimized as this continues.
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I'm mostly enjoying this so far, although I still feel like it's finding its footing. I don't love the interview bits which have the added disadvantage of timing; at this very moment if I see Randall Park on screen doing anything other than being Jimmy Woo it gets me fretting.

The cast is great. While Afa and Sika are kind of one-note I appreciate their being on the show. I noticed no one has mentioned anything about Dwayne's uncle Tonga (Haku/Meng), which is a shame because he's probably the member of the family that wrestlers enjoy telling stories about the most.

I was 6'4" by the time I was 15 and smart enough to answer most questions correctly when the teacher called on me to do so; there was a rumor about my being an undercover cop at my high school as well. None of my friends believed it so I was baffled more than bothered by it. One time a girl I liked made out with me and later I found out she'd done it specifically because she believed I was a grown-ass police officer pretending to be a teenage boy. BIG YIKES to that.

The way they shot the pinning sequence with The Gull might lead you to believe Rocky Johnson had at some point pinned Ric Flair and Roddy Piper. While Rocky had matches with both of those men I don't think he ever pinned either of them. Johnson was a big name in whatever territory he was working at the time but Flair was a big name nationally.

Economy of characters suggests to me that Ata's new boss-friend is going to turn out to be Karen's mom. Calling that one now.

Not that it's relevant here, but I'm still salty with Dwayne about the Royal Rumble 1999.
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