City of Ghosts: Season 1
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Featuring a blend of animated characters and live-action settings, CITY OF GHOSTS is a documentary-style series about a group of kids in LA who learn about the rich history of their city through encounters with friendly ghosts. Now streaming on Netflix.

Series trailer

A clip from episode 2

An interview with the creator, Elizabeth Ito:
A couple of years ago, when I was brought into Netflix, I thought we were going to make my 2014 short Welcome to My Life into something bigger, but that property was tied up with Cartoon Network. So, they asked me to come up with another idea that I would be as interested in. I was thinking about how many neighborhoods in Los Angeles are changing and noticing how things are disappearing, whitewashed and gentrified. I also have two small kids, and wanted to create a calmer show — something for more introverted, quieter people!
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This is a really cool art style. For personal reasons, I'm interested in shows and comics with a style mismatch between characters and background. I'll have to check this out.
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I'm terrified of ghosts. I don't think they're real, and I've come to realize that my fear of ghosts is just a way for my underlying anxiety to display itself... But still: I've spent plenty of nights in my time too terrified to close my eyes, out of fear that the next time I opened them I'd see a ghost standing over me.

The ghosts in this show are... people. People! Friendly and grumpy and sad and happy. Just people. They're fluffy and cute. They inhabit our world, because our world is their world. They're neighbors. They have stories, and they love.

Watching this show was special for me. It's such a cute and sweet cartoon, and it gave me something important.
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Ahhh, I am so late to this, but I wanted a quick show to watch with dinner and started the first episode last night and accidentally binged 3.

The animation is interesting, I like the way the adult characters take the ghost club seriously, and the conceit of learning about LA's history through its ghosts is fun.

I doubt anyone will see this comment at this point who hasn't already watched the show, but I needed to gush. Excellent friendly ghost content to mix in with scarier spooky season fare.
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OMG, I am watching this with my kids, and it is soooooooooo charming!
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Okay I watched the "Venice" episode and I'm a little grumpy that they were talking about "how to open" a VHS and that it was "full of YouTubes" and my kids were all "WHAT IS THIS ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY?????" I am not that old!!!!!!

(Apparently I am that old.)
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