Here to be Heard: The Story of The Slits (2017)
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"The tale of the formation, journey and end of the seminal Punk/Reggae band The Slits." - IMDB
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I loved the old footage of them and their friends from the 1970s -- how amazing that they had that.

The structure of Tessa going through her scrapbook worked for me; it was basically chronological, which I've realized I really need for a good rockumentary. Someone should publish that scrapbook as a photo book.

Ari an very odd person and I feel she didn't get explained well. Maybe that was impossible to do.

I had no idea Neneh Cherry had been in The Slits, and I was working at an independent record store when "Buffalo Stance" came out. How did I miss this? (I love when a rockumetary has me going "What? So-and-so was in that band?!?")

I've never liked their music, unfortunately, and this didn't change it. Ah well. It was still an enjoyable, perfectly good film.
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This is far more a documentary about Ari Up and even there it kind of fails. But I've read Viv Albertine's first book and so I already knew a lot of this but I still wanted more depth and insight.

I forget the entirety of the circumstances now but I saw this and there was a Q&A with the director after. I guess the person who had all of Ari's footage wanted to do something with it but didn't feel qualified. The director was a friend (or a friend of a friend?) and wasn't really even a fan of The Slits. He seemed like an odd choice and I think it showed he really didn't bring a voice or perspective to this story.

I think there's a good doc about The Slits to be made. This just isn't it.
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Ah, that helps put it in context. I was surprised it was made by a man, because it’s so important to their story that they’re women.
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Maybe I should wait for a documentary on The Raincoats? This is one that I'd like to see, but it sounds to you all like it doesn't touch the right bases.
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It's not perfect but few rockumentaries are; I say watch it, if you have the spare time.
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