Formula 1: Drive to Survive: Formula One: Drive to Survive Season 3
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The 2020 Formula 1 Season starts in March with the Australian Grand Prix canceled at the last moment due to COVID. But the racing restarts in Europe in July. (Netflix)
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If nothing else the episode with Grosjean's crash is _incredible_. I'm sort of ambivalent about the series in general as a F1 fan - on the one hand it is interesting finding out some of the behind-the-scenes machinations that happened in the prior season, on the other hand it dances awfully close to the whole problem of reminding me that everybody involved in this is ludicrously wealthy, even the guys who came up from small-time cart racing. (I mean, not just Lance Stroll, f'rex.)

But if you don't watch anything else, the first half of the 9th episode, good lord some of those shots are just flabbergasting, you didn't see anything nearly that high quality during the race itself.

Yes, it's shocking, yes it's disquieting, but it's balanced out with the knowledge that he came through it.
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Kyol, your comment piqued my interest, and resulted in me binging the entire season. TBH, the most difficult part to watch was the hur hur, we don't *really* have to worry about this masking thing here, do we?, and I found most of the rest fascinating, if a little played up on occasion. Thanks for the recommendation.

Also, Ferrari are behaving exactly like a formerly-all-powerful asshole whose shtick people are just not willing to put up with anymore.
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