The Alienist: Something Wicked
March 26, 2021 3:55 PM - Season 2, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Sara uncovers a clue at the Siegel Cooper Department Store that leads her and John into dangerous territory. Laszlo suspects dark goings-on at the Lying-In Hospital, while former Police Chief Thomas Byrnes plots against their investigations.
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I like that Sara is now a private detective and John is a reporter rather than an illustrator. Sara wasn't going to have much latitude to do the kind of investigative work she wants to do as a secretary for the NYPD, and while it doesn't make much sense for an illustrator to become a reporter, John's character was a reporter in the books, so the TV series has corrected for a mistake they made in an effort to make his role more filmable.

I can't help loving those moments when Sara breaks out her gun. Though I'm not clear on where she keeps it. Her reticule looks too small and lightweight to hold a weapon.

For all Laszlo's incredible insight and original thinking, he can really put his foot in it. Asking the mother of a missing child to submit to what is going to sound like a bizarre procedure was a terrible idea which he handled incredibly badly. He should have listened to Sara, but then apparently he can't even listen to her when she says she doesn't like terrapin soup.

The Lying-In Hospital is the stuff of nightmares. As is New York's criminal elements ideas as to suitable dog food.

I am so here for all those shots of Luke Evans in beautifully tailored waistcoats.
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