Line of Duty: Episode 2
March 28, 2021 2:03 PM - Season 6, Episode 2 - Subscribe

As with all things Line of Duty nothing is clear, anything could be possible (apart from Steve wearing waistcoats).

There are no spoilers because I know no more than you.

My first take:

from Ep1
Jo Davidson: glance to the left + orders to delay main Op.
Jo Davidson: her front door locks

Reporter: peartree (previous event)

making him temp DI a blurring / diversion / loyalty?

Murder scene:
Uniformed Copper could be / is a current/future plant?

Is there a 4th man Steve?: H?:

The delay caused by the Ep1 above and the victim?

Planted devices?

Jo and the burner phone?

Ted Hastings Bingo (search for it :) ): 1 detected

The underpass is so clean, colourful, well-lit, shiny floor ....
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I'm finding it weird that this seems to be taking place in a parallel October 2020 UK where there's no pandemic. Not a mask or socially-distanced set of chairs in sight.
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