The Alienist: Belly of the Beast
March 29, 2021 4:24 PM - Season 2, Episode 5 - Subscribe

The team discover the fate of the matron of the Lying-In Hospital, and now that they know whom they are looking for, they work to find the killer and save the Linares baby.

Ah, Sara is keeping her gun in her little reticule. Well, it is a small gun. 

I'm rather enjoying the budding romance between Bitsy and Lucius, and even Sara thinks it's fun. It's amusing that Bitsy has to lead that backward horse to water, but he'll get there. 

Rosy McEwen is turning in a good performance as Libby Hatch. She's both pathetic and dangerous.

It was such a relief to see the Linares baby returned safely to her parents, but I suppose we're in for more infant abductions. 

I don't know where the Paulie subplot is going, but the rope play is giving me a bad feeling. 

It turns out I like seeing Luke Evans out of his tailored waistcoats as much as I like seeing him in them. That scene where he's making her bed for her seemed more than a little contrived, though. The guy's probably never made a bed in his life and would have had a servant do it.

Violet is definitely going to find herself unengaged before too long. The only question is who breaks things off. 
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