Friends at the Table: Sangfielle 03: The Curse of Eastern Folly Pts. 1-3
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The tablefriends play The Ground Itself and create a Haven to be a base in their upcoming weird/gothic western season, Sangfielle.

One day of strange occurrences is, in some ways, a blessing. Good dinner time conversation. The stuff of campfire stories. Two ill-fated days? That's a warning and a courtesy. The troubled cough that precedes illness. An opportunity for you to prepare for worse. But three cursed days in a row? That's where you really have to worry, because it ain't just one thing.
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fomhar, I noticed you were taking a break from posting FatT threads and decided to step in...sorry if I'm stepping on your toes and happy to hand over the reins to you at any point.

Kind of wild to think that this is the first all-new setting since 2015 debuted Counter/Weight. I think past worldbuilding games have really strengthened the whole cast and allowed these episodes to be truly collaborative in a way some of the earlier games weren't. That said, I do think Austin and Jack kind of tend to dominate the conversation sometimes? But it's hard to separate that from them being extremely proficient and interested in worldubilding, I guess.

In any case , I thought these episodes were great and will be a fantastic springboard for the season. I love (spoilers abound):
- Slumbous
- Tooth trolls and their whole ecosystem
- Weird egg
- Creepy rural play of warning
- Our lord god Slumbous

Slumbous tracker available here.
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Hard to believe that a Frog God of Wealth wouldn't take the Best New God award, but here we are.

I stay up too late all the time and always fail to snuff out my candles, so I'd be a terrible follower of Slumbous. Also, I'm a little disappointed it's not "Slumbeaux."

I am always grateful for Janine and her ability to inject just the right amount of fucked up shit into the world.

I'm also glad they managed to get out from under the "can't talk about what happens to the miners" curse. Eastern Folly is supposed to be an oasis from the weirdness of the heartland, and I think it would be hard to fight for a place that (unwillingly) participates in ritual sacrifice.

I'm very excited for Sangfielle. I've always had a soft spot for Deadlands and Weird West stuff but it's very hard to go back to that without rubbing up against all the unpleasant colonization that comes with any kind of Old West themed thing. Cool to see a decolonized version of that, especially from a bunch of folks who have been steeped in the weird horror of Dark Souls and Bloodborne.
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I wasn't sure if I'd be into this setting when they first announced it but I'm loving it so far. The Ground Itself is such a great way to lead them through the world-building and prompt them to add details they might not have thought about on their own.
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Ok, I'm on for this one. Couldn't handle the mechs in the last one but I'm in on this one.

I swear I need to start meditating or something though, my focus slips so easily listening to this show. Or i drift off if I'm listening at night. Even though i love the content. Hopefully less of a problem when they get out of the worldbuilding episodes.
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And yeah, really glad they got away from the curse.
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