Special Event: Blaseball Season 15
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It's been two weeks of downtime, and now Blaseball is back for season 15 and I have no idea what's going on but apparently they did something with snacks and also maybe there are time-fish that can rewind innings? Come on in!

Here's the Season 14 thread.
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Ever since the Society for Internet Blaseball Research determined that teams' credit ratings could be modeled as the teams (plus wins, items, and players) being physical objects floating in an occasionally-flooding infinite stream of Immateria (whitepaper), implications have been unfurling hot and heavy.

Last season, for example, the Tigers were getting attacked by Consumer-Sharks because their wins were weighing them down. The sharks behaved as a kind of 'anti-Partytime', where stat-loss threatens.

Enter the Unlikely Resurrection of Chorby Soul (song). Chorby (wiki) was necromancied onto the Garages with 200 votes. Normally a player's soul is 2-9, * 11 characters == soulscream. Chorby's soul is 1,777. This means Chorby alone is more than twice as dense as the rest of the Garages + the Hotdogfingers Memorial Climate Pledge Garage and Parking Facility combined.

So now, despite not being a good team right now, the Garages have immediately sunk below C-level. What will this mean? We'll see!
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I just started and I'm very confused and very vested in my team and idol, who is part tree?
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Long-time Hawai'i Fridays fan but haven't kept a super close eye on the league lately. It seems the Fridays have slipped to the bottom of the Mild Low League, which is somehow where some of the least mild events are happening??

Here's the Seasons 12-14 catch-up video if, like me, you need to get up to speed.
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So, uh, is there anything left of Chorby Soul now?
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Soul. Nothing but soul. Chorby's been chomped... 97 times as of this comment, and they're at 0.01 combined stars, and `1381` soul. The sharks have eaten an entire team's worth of soul off Chorby.

Bad news for the Garages, Chorby's defenses haven't been immaculate, and about 1/10 shark attacks are hitting someone else. There's no swapping Chorby to another team, and if we swapped Chorby to the Shadows we'd still be getting just as many attacks but without Chorby to block.

Correction: 98, another came in.
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I was wondering what was up with all those messages in the feed. Not that I really feel any better informed about this now.
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*shows up and hangs around awkwardly in a t-shirt reading ASK ME ABOUT THE KANSAS CITY BREATH MINTS GALAXY BRAIN SCHEME TO STEAL UNCLE PLASMA*
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So, about that galaxy-brain scheme to steal Uncle Plasma! Nicely done there, the Garages are very in awe at your ability to coordinate votes. How'd that get put together?
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Thanks for asking! The brief answer is: quite quickly, and (afaict) entirely in Discord, where most of the voting Mints fans hang out.

Explanation of the mechanism, skip if you know how it worked: One clever Mints fan (not me) noticed the potential of the scheme when the Millennials played the Shoe Thieves at their stadium the Choux, which had the "Crime Scene" mod. That activated Uncle Plasma's "Hard Boiled" mod which put him into the Thieves' shadows. The fan realized that this meant the same would happen for us since our stadium, the Meadow, was also a Crime Scene, and then put 2 and 2 together to further realize the opportunity for a Foreshadow. See also this video.

Explanation of the organization: The Mints have a Discord event called "parliamint" to determine collective voting plans. The aforementioned fan wrote up the plan on Tuesday the 6th and an emergency parliamint was convened to decide whether to go for it. The near-unanimous consensus was that it was hilarious; that if we pulled it off it would cause everyone to rightly realize that Mints are extremely smart and cool; and that if we were gonna go for it we had to go for it since we would have at most 3 real-world hours to do it. We had a few notifications leading up to that window to make sure everyone understood what to do and when, with the result that we dumped something like 240K votes into it in the space of 20 minutes at noon PST on Wednesday. Day 52 actually turned out to be the only opportunity we had for this since the investigation concluded at the end of the day, so it's good that we jumped on it.
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The Firefighters were impressed by the Plasma steal, as far as I could tell. We didn't have any player changes but we were watching them from afar.
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