Poldark: Episode 1.7
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Francis wrongly blames Ross for helping Verity elope with Andrew Blamey. Dwight and Keren set a tragic chain of events in motion.
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I can't say I entirely blame Francis for being so angry over Verity's elopement. I sure as hell wouldn't want my sister marrying a man who killed his first wife, even accidentally. It doesn't make sense to me that Verity wouldn't have had other, better suitors. She's not a beauty, but she's not unattractive either, and she's very personable with a sterling character. I suspect that her father and brother didn't give her the kind of opportunities for meeting men that girls in her position would ordinarily get, but instead kept her home and occupied with the housekeeping. She only got to go to the ball where she met Andrew by being proactive and getting Ross to escort her.

Francis, of course, isn't angry about the elopement for the right reasons. He doesn't care about Verity's well-being/best interests, but only about the disgrace. And then he jumps to conclusions about who helped Verity and destroys his relationship with his cousin and ruins a lot of innocent men's lives by blabbing what he knows to George. Ugh, what a waste of oxygen that jackass is.

I never got the Keren/Mark/Dwight triangle. Why did Keren marry Mark? As a young travelling theatrical player, she could surely have held out for a better match. Instead she marries a man who is not at all what she wants and then puts the moves on another man *at her wedding*. And I also find it hard to believe Dwight, who is neither unintelligent nor hedonistic, would have been interested in her at all. Sure, she's very pretty, but she's so transparently not a good person you'd think that would have put him off.

The Ross helps Mark get away, because hey, he didn't mean to kill Keren, and after all she cheated on him. God this show and the way it lets wife killers off the hook.
posted by orange swan at 4:01 PM on April 27, 2021

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