Mystery Science Theater 3000: INVASION U.S.A.   Rewatch 
May 6, 2021 3:48 PM - Season 6, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Rewatch! One of a long line of propagandist movies intended to rile up the public against the USSR. It's easy to get this one mixed up with Rocket Attack USA, made under a similar zeitgeist. That was a Joel episode with spies going to the USSR and failing to stop a missile attack against New York City, a lady spy seducing a Russian general for secrets, and a blind man walking during an immanent nuclear attack telling the camera, "Help me!" This is a Mike episode where a two-bit hypnotist zaps a bar full of people into experiencing a vivid hallucination of a Soviet military attack on their city. (Hypnosis was another overblown fear at the time, but didn't have as much of a concerted push to make people afraid of it.) With the short A Date With Your Family, starring Hugh Beaumont, it's a very fifties worldview on display. Previously.
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MST Club is tonight (Thursday) beginning at 7 PM Eastern time, 4 PM Pacific, at The episode typically begins two hours into that, at 9/6 PM.

I should mention that Joel's Kickstarter for a 13th season of MST3K is still going, and wraps up tomorrow, May 7th! It's going pretty well, and we at MST Club are throwing in our share. Please consider it, won't you?
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Back in high school circa 1998, I used A Date With Your Family as part of a presentation on the 1950s, screening it for the class. Got an A.
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Good use! I'm trying to reconfigure our club contribution to include as many episodes and shorts as we can get, I think our best way to go is to contribute at the $85 level, but with add-ons for the classic episodes. The tiers and add-ons are a maze though, and I'm not sure.
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Extra Paper America Invaded!
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