I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians (2018)
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A comedic, feminist, and Brechtian film about Romania's denial of their participation in the holocaust.
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I just loved this so much. Seems very influenced by The Nasty Girl which likewise confronts the denial perpetrators (all of us) hold about their own actions and impact, the re-framing of monsters as heroes, and another film which doesn't attempt to show the holocaust in a 'realistic' way, but by breaking the third wall, using theater and performances of reenactment instead of the atrocities themselves, can convey the story more truthfully, more plainly, with less contemporary reframe.

Loved the meandering philosophical arguments, the long passages read aloud, the way historical photography was used, not letting us look away.

Going to try to watch all the Radu Jude I can now.
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Forgot to say I was able to stream on Kanopy through my library card based subscription
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