Orange Is the New Black: Take a Break from Your Values
June 11, 2014 2:52 PM - Season 2, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Piper is shocked at an unexpected change in her status; Soso's hunger strike attracts new support that takes on a religious fervor.
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It would have been sick and amazing if the storm was Hurricane Jasmine Forsythe.
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I have a huge crush on Poussey.
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That scene with Larry and Polly was so completely absurd that I don't even know where to start. Her baby is what, like 2 months old? And we are supposed to think that Polly and Larry have been friends since before Larry/Piper and never contemplated getting together? Okay, sure, yeah, leave your husband/marriage. And invite your new lover to the break-up conversation. Arg it was so dumb I can't even
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And invite your new lover to the break-up conversation.
As someone who (eventually grudge) watched Weeds all the way through, this was a classic Jenji Kohan move. Same thing with the "We're transferring you. Nothing personal." crud they're pulling with Piper. I assume they'll find a way to back out of it, but I immediately went "Not this again!" when that happened.
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Well that was depressing!
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This season is so upsetting.
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Well, I guess it will just kind of close off the Polly/Larry storylines.
The end though...who ended up being the victim? Just someone w similar hair?
Also..why does Boo need Vee or anyone? Is it just about having friends to sit with?
How are they going to straighten all this out in last two episodes or are we assuming Season 3 anyway?
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The break-up conversation was a pretty good scene of television, but you're right that it's a terrible idea to breakup with your spouse with your new partner sitting in. You need a very particular set of relationships between the three of you for that to be a good idea.
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anti-authoritarian cupcakes!!!
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That polly/larry stuff was demented. She could have split with her hub off screen without impacting the story in any way. That scene was so so weird, why bother?

I'm also finding the back stories a bit laboured. Possibly the problem with marathoning but I'm getting retcon whiplash. Still totally compelling though.
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Re Black Cindy's "This America" -- man, the Wire references just keep on coming with the prison drug trade storyline.
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...who ended up being the victim? Just someone w similar hair?

I fear (and bet) that it was Watson. She came out of solitary with her hair longer.
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Also..why does Boo need Vee or anyone? Is it just about having friends to sit with?

You may have noticed that when people on this show find themselves in the way of someone more powerful and don't have friends around to protect them, they tend to get beaten up or shanked.
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I don't know if that is so much the case -- though it can happen -- but that it's really fucking lonely to be completely ostracized by everyone in your social milieu.

I mean, think about your life out in the normal world. You've got family, friends, coworkers, a whole network of people in your life. Even if you're a loner who telecommutes and lacks family, you probably have some kind of support network in your life.

In prison, all of that reduces to your prison "family". Lose them, and you literally have no one.

Over and over on OITNB, we see ostracized people either turning to a new family (Red's embrace of the elderly inmates) or getting into very dangerous situations (even situations not created by prison violence, for example Tricia's slide into drug addiction).
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