The Woman in the Window (2021)
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An agoraphobic woman living alone in New York begins spying on her new neighbors, only to witness a disturbing act of violence.
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Some folks might want to read about the controversy surrounding author A.J. Finn.

I haven't watched the adaptation yet but I'm sort of morbidly interested in seeing how it turned out. (Not sure if you're OK with book discussion here so I won't say anything else about it!)
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The dog turns out to be real! I saw her in the Strand while the author was bragging about being the author to an attractive young woman. I'd already forgotten about the controversy around the author--I think we all had more important things to think about in the interim.

She did seem like a good doggo, dammit
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I haven’t read the book so let’s make this a ‘show’ only thread. If you watch the movie feel free to make a book and movie thread!
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I watched this yesterday and thought it was pretty good, thanks to Adams and Moore. I couldn't get past a few pages of the book, and I love schlocky thrillers. (I just hated the author's writing.) So I didn't know the denouement, but there were plenty of signposts telling you that the backstory was going to be interesting. It reminded me a lot of The Others in the way that there was a deep sadness at the core of it. Adams did that part just beautifully. The ending, with her leaving the house, also reminded me of the ending of The Others. Nicole Kidman was wonderful in The Others-- and again I feel some similarity, in the way the camera seems to search the character's face for clues-- but Adams really goes to another level here because she has to change through the revelation of her secret and coming to terms with it. Maybe this is something I've been missing in thrillers: the sense that it is not just a game. Maybe I'll even have to give the book a chance.
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I have read the book, but it's been years.

I thought this was pretty schlocky, and that basically Amy Adams' bad personal grooming was doing the majority of the acting. A lot of weirdly...obvious? camera work, especially during anything violent. And so much male gaze, even though the entirety of the movie was supposed to be about a woman's gaze...I doubt this was meant to be ironic, but I could be wrong.

I'm thrilled others enjoyed it though! We need things to enjoy.
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The kid off-handedly asking about kids in therapy "What, did they like torture somebody?" was a pretty big flashing sign he was not well.
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I haven’t read the book so let’s make this a ‘show’ only thread. If you watch the movie feel free to make a book and movie thread!

Book Included/Show Only threads are for books, though, right? To avoid people seeing spoilers? If you're here in this thread, you've already seen the movie, or at least have decided to venture into discussion with people who have, spoilers be damned.
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I saw it more as avoiding bringing up differences from the book? Movie spoilers are fine!
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(Not trying to hassle you or anything and I haven't read the book anyway.)
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No worries, thanks for clarifying!
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I thought the movie was alright, but painfully predictable in a lot of ways. The old standby, unreliable narrator really was reliable the whole time! (dead family notwithstanding, though that part was predictable too.)

Also, Chekhov’s Stairs. No house has stairs and railings like that unless somebody’s going to fall down them later in the film. And the skylight.
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