Supernatural: Wendigo
May 14, 2021 7:50 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Sam and Dean follow the coordinates their father wrote in his journal to Blackwater Ridge, and end up joining a hiking expedition to help a young woman and her brother find their other brother and his two friends, who mysteriously disappeared while on a camping trip in the woods.
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Their dad's journal is a mad prop.
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Dad must have really, really, really tiny handwriting or the book came from the Tardis to fit all the info they pull out of it over the years, complete with sketches to boot!
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This episode was a LOT like the X-Files episode "Detour"

Dean using his M&Ms to leave a bread crumb trail was very... him. 

In the early seasons there were a lot of young, Maxim cover model-level attractive young women running around in the episodes whom the Winchester brothers would save/help, then proceed to bang or otherwise have a moment with. It got tiresome fast and I was glad when the brothers and the show aged past that. 

Haley: So... I don't know how to thank you.
Dean: [smiles suggestively]
Haley: Must you cheapen the moment?

Dean: So, Roy, you said you've done a little hunting?
Roy: Yeah, more than a little.
Dean: Uh huh. What kind of furry critters do you hunt?
Roy: Mostly buck, sometimes bear.
Dean: Tell me, Bambi or Yogi ever hunt you back?
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It's the one with Callum Keith Rennie!
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