Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet: Backstory!
June 8, 2021 9:47 PM - Season 2, Episode 6 - Subscribe

A fresh-faced young man discovers what it takes to become one of the world's greatest science fiction writers. Includes extended flashback.
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Loved the flashback in S01, they really nail it again here. So much cringe.

Must have been expensive making all new period sets.
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Tears of the Anaren is available for free in Apple Books as a book and audiobook. There are a few good running jokes and it captures what C.W.'s original short story would have been like. Which means it is 40 minutes of mediocre, uninspired science fiction.
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I think the description is from episode 7, "Peter"? The flashback episode 6 should be "Backstory!":
A flashback episode detailing a young Carl Longbottom's journey to become one of the world's greatest science fiction writers.
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Mod note: Okay I've changed the title / description to conform to Ep 6; let us know if there's any problem!
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I would never have guessed that Josh Brener could be a young F. Murray Abraham, but I think he pulls it off.
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I started this show recently and my one gripe with the pilot was that the old scifi writer felt out of place, like didn't seem to have anything specific to do wit hthe videogames industry, and I figured it was probably just a closer-to-home thing for writers in hollywood and because they probably couldn't turn bitter old hack scifi writer into its own show, but could fit them in here somewhat.

This episode went a long way in retroactively explaining their presence and justifying the inclusion. In general I've loved all the vignette episodes set in the past and they tie them into the modern story in a cute way.

I wonder if there was a specific writer this was written about with in mind or an amalgam of several. Also curious if Asimov ever indirectly won any awards by writing books for people through heavy-handed editing.
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Is there a way I'm missing to download that book? I can't find any links on that page. I hope it's not geolocked!
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