Legends of Tomorrow: The Satanist's Apprentice
June 9, 2021 2:19 PM - Season 6, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Gather round the projector so you can watch today's lesson about the skills and abilities of princesses to sing. Ensure that you bring the appropriate meeting supplies including a technical briefing binder and a cell phone. A cheese tray will be at the ready, including the appropriate forks. Ambiance will be created by candlelight reflecting off of Old Masters' portraiture, so dress appropriately.
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Part of me wants to be all "someone explain this to me?" I recall Caity saying that the two plots didn't go with each other. And by specifically, I mean the whole Bishop thing? Was I supposed to know that info? I guess he's also a clone?

That said, I always enjoy animation, chatty paintings, et al.
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Matt Ryan is consistently good as Constantine, but it was fun to see him flex a bit and he nailed it as Constantine-possessed-by-Crowley here. Probably the high point of the episode for me, though the cartoon Disney princess thing was good fun too.
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You're absolutely right about Matt Ryan, mstokes650. Ryan had a lot to work with in this episode and he did a really good job with it. I'm not sure what it bodes about John's involvement in the rest of the show. It could be a soft way to write him out as a regular. You never know with this show who is coming or going.

I must say, when I posted in an earlier episode thread of wanting to see punk John back, I wasn't really expecting it to happen. I guess the show's magic answered my wish.

It's funny, everybody online seems to love the animation. I wasn't really taken with it. It felt more cheap Warner Bros. cartoon than Disney princess (which is appropriate). I was, however, enjoying the live action Beauty and the Beast objects before the cartoon portion kicked in. Although cheese Nate seemed like a bit of a cop-out. I don't know what I would have turned him into, but probably some kind of antique object--a sexton maybe or something like that. My first choice would have been a book, but Ava was a binder so that would have been redundant.

The opening 1980s montage was well crafted, and a nice change of pace for the show. Olivia Swann also must be commended for taking on a wide-ranging and challenging role this episode and doing a fine job with it.

I don't think we're supposed to really understand where Bishop came from jenfullmoon. The viewer is pretty much in the same boat as Sara. Gary told her specimens were being collected from across the universe, and she was one of them. In this episode she gets to meet the collector and learn why she was harvested. It was a bit of an awkward and bumpy introduction, but I think that was because that story line was jammed into this episode along with the Disney princess one. I think Sara's situation could have benefited greatly from a full-episode treatment. I would assume if Bishop is the AVA-clone creator that he's not a clone himself, although there is nothing that says he couldn't be. I just wish they had named him something else. When engaging with comic-related material, "Bishop" means a Marvel character to me.
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