Marco Polo: The Heavenly And Primal
December 26, 2014 10:21 PM - Season 1, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Kublai has a disagreement. A bloody egg. Fire lances and trebuchets. A bit of a dust up at Xiangyang. An exquisitely jokey scene to end it all.

As a whole, I liked the series. It has some faults but overall I thought it was pretty good. The sets, costumes and fight scenes as well as the cinematography were all top notch. There were a couple of stand out characters too. Kublai Khan, Hundred Eyes* and Empress Chabi were all excellent IMHO.
Despite the critics carving this up I hope it gets a second season.

*Why didn't he kill Saido the first time?
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The opening scene was great. I didn't realize that the stones came from the trebuchet at first. I liked how Sidao spilling his tea betrays his fear as the city is being breached. The fighting scenes were fantastic.

I liked the show, despite the rampant sexism. I want to see the second season. The writing needs to be a touch on earth would a mural like that go undetected in the Khan's own palace? Why would Kokachin sleep with Marco, whom she barely knows? I thought it got far better near the end. I hope this means season 2 will be better also.
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