Black Summer: Black Winter
July 5, 2021 11:41 AM - Season 2 (Full Season) - Subscribe

Now it’s a snowy winter, and people are still trying to survive a zombie apocalypse.
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Found the first season mostly enjoyable, and am enjoying watching a series that was filmed around where I live, but boy am I bouncing hard off the first episode - just long action sequences with me trying to figure out if any of the characters were from S1 or not.
posted by nubs at 1:17 PM on July 5, 2021

Enjoyed this quite a bit - despite a lot of inexplicable decision making, terrible gunplay scenes, unrealistic setting, and the repeated super heavy handed messaging that people are jerks/ stupid/ dangerous.

I adore 'Z Nation' and the acting and scenery here were good enough that I was successfully able to turn off my brain.

The opening scene with Lance - who managed to survive S1 - wow. Bold writing move.

Recently read an article suggesting that the guy who Spears thought was following him/ traveled together was imaginary. That works really well for me, but wasn't telegraphed at all and I missed that. On reflection, I liked the subtlety.

The daughter was very annoying, but understandable-ish. Likewise Rose going all "the only thing that matters to me now."

Boone (?the developmentally delayed guy) was compelling. The abandoned lodge with electricity, gas heating, and running water was annoying in its unrealism.

The pilot/ plane is also extraordinarily inexplicable.
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I loved this show (both seasons) for what it is - tense, contrived zombie entertainment.

"the repeated super heavy handed messaging that people are jerks/ stupid/ dangerous" - I liked how the speech about how everything would have gone perfect, everyone would be safe, and they'd all be on the plane came from the militia leader who took Sun hostage for no reason other than she's not one of his people; tortured the guy from the house for his info; and refused to share weapons from the cache. A brutal apocalyptic warlord in the making, just tripped up by - bad luck? Or overreaching?

If there's another season, I look forward to Mance either dying in episode 1 or having an impossible escape every episode.
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Agreed, I felt like the time jumps all season lead up for precisely dropping that soliloquy.
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Most of the episodes being so wordless and action-only, White Horse (the one with Spears and Braithwaite) was quite a change of pace with so much dialogue. As has been pointed out in the think-piece articles about the episode, Spears did all the active things. Their wrestling made me think of Jacob & the angel.
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This show reminds me a lot of me playing The Last of Us. Lots of sneaking around, lots of shooting, lots of main characters (me!) dying of failure to sneak or shoot things.
posted by invincible summer at 2:18 PM on July 19, 2021

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