Leverage: Redemption: The Double-Edged Sword Job
July 11, 2021 4:50 PM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

The team takes on a brilliant software developer who is selling a groundbreaking facial recognition system that threatens everyone’s privacy except his own.
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Ugh. This one was even worse than the Hallowe'en one. It felts like a bad episode of a '70s or '80 action TV show that was dealing with scary advanced technology (think The Six Million Dollar Man or Hardscastle and McCormick or similar programs). Just terrible.
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I started a rewatch of the original series after finishing Redemption, and... wow, hypocrisy much, writers' room? The crew relies on (fantasy-accurate) facial recognition roughly every second or third episode. They could fix that if they were to hire a genuine OSINT expert to consult.

If they'd REALLY wanted to reckon with how creepy facial recognition and biometrics are, including when they themselves use it, that's one thing... but they didn't.

Also more than slightly not great how often this show in both incarnations relies on prying apart a villain's mental-health regimens. Some things aren't okay to do even to villains, you know?
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At least they didn't bring in China as the boogeyman behind ubiquitous surveillance tech.

A bit incongruous that Eliot can't work a locking folder (knife closed) one handed.

Through these episodes, I am appreciating the tonal change of casting Wyle as a character who is fundamentally wholesome vs. the grimdark troubled (and alcoholic) Nate.

Aleyse Shannon is a good physical actor.

Heh. Parker's cover name remains a mononym (Tanner).

Sophie's pretty oldschool. Second (at least) outfit with a significant amount of leather. I like.
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I'm totally expecting the "Breanna falls over" schtick to become a running gag. I'm not against it.

And yes, I like that our Mr. Wilson is a Former Garbage Human without Nate's weight of both angst and Continuing Garbage Human.
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Searchlight: terrifying yet inevitable.

The marshal is definitely Eliot's type.

Eliot giving them 10 seconds to make fun of him!

"Sometimes smart houses are a little dumb."
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I liked the marshal, and wouldn't be opposed to the actor/ character returning if there is another season.
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