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A couple, Melissa and Josh, go on a backpacking trip in an attempt to patch up their failing relationship, only to find themselves trapped in a Golden Age-style musical set in the mythical town of Schmigadoon, and slowly realize that they cannot leave until they find true love.

The first two episodes were released on AppleTV on July 16; the remaining four episodes will be released weekly on Fridays starting July 23.
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I am 100% the target audience for this, being a huge fan of musicals. I enjoyed the first episodes but am curious to see where they take it - right now, it just seems like a too-long SNL sketch, I want to feel more engaged. Time will tell! That said, I'm watching until the end no matter what because the casting is just too good.
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I generally hate musicals (although I definitely can appreciate some of the ones that influenced this), and I loved it. The script, songs, and visual gags all seem like they were written simultaneously — they all work together incredibly well, and the fact that so many of the actors have Broadway experience blurs the line nicely between what's being celebrated and what's being made fun of. Also, Alan Cummings' vague French/German accent that only appears when he sings is fantastic.
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I enjoyed at least the first two available episodes way more than I expected to (and certainly more than most critics appeared to), having already watched both episodes twice. Really nice to see Cecily Strong in a much deserved starring role. Music is catchy, writing is clever, looking forward to the rest.
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I am in love with this, and Cecily Strong is magnificent. When she realizes that she's getting her own song, her little shiver of delight is so much fun. I really hope that Key gets into the fun of it too. His commentary is funny, but I want to see his chops. So far, this absolutely seems like a parody that could be made only by someone who loves what they're making fun of.
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The first two episodes are a blast - looking forward to the rest!

Apple TV+ is three for three with me so far: Ted Lasso, Mythic Quest, and this. People whose taste I trust keep urging me to check out The Morning Show as well....
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tizkeh - if you like science-fiction (and 60's/70's alternate history), "For All Mankind" is also top-notch.

And... Little America - although I am not allowed to watch it without supervision, as there will be "happy/sad/reflective" tears - I found many of the stories to be extremely compelling.

Mosquito Coast is ok - seems to capture the flavour of the book (which was a fav of mine during the 80's... My dad was "the dad" - or it felt that way at least)
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This was a delight. At least partially fills the void left in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's wake.
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I love Keegan Michael Key, but Josh Skinner is a tough character to like. Maybe they can rehab him with the schoolmarm.

I loved Melissa's "Yee honk" at Dr. Jorge's appearance. She even had her own little reprise! I am already looking forward to their duets. I'd already seen the "no one dies in musicals" part in the trailer, but I love it in context. And Melissa's explanation of an IUD to her carny!
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I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of Jaime Camil, who was so delightful on Jane the Virgin- very much looking forward to his work here!!!
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This is fun. Pleasantville: The Musical, brought to you by Saturday Night Live
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I could take or leave a lot of it, but the part where Melissa drinks the Gentlemen’s Punch and upends the picnic basket auction was the most fun.
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Dagnabbit, I’m charmed!
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I love the weird angles and flat aesthetics, and I'm looking forward to the inevitable Broadway version.
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Squee... OMG, I knew as soon as the mountainous backdrop appeared in this weeks episode, it was going to be a rip on "The Sound of Music"... And, yes... it was sooooo good....
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FYI Apple is putting up an album every week with the music from the show so, yes, you too can sing along to Corn Puddin' and Va-Gi-Na in the car.
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"You Done Tamed Me" is a BOP
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I'm really loving this show. Would others be up for episode-by-episode threads?
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There are only 2 more episodes left: “Tribulation” coming in a couple days, and “How We Change” next week.
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The music is also on Spotify. I had assumed it was an Apple Music exclusive.
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Mrs. Layton fears amorous congress between cows and sheep, but what’s her plan for Buford Riggs? Who does unspeakable things to pigs?
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I have a show tune crush on Robert Preston forever, and they gave it their best shot, but "Tribulation" fell flat for me. On the other hand, "I Always Never Get My Man" and the car choreography was a hit. Jane Krakowski is a perfect "Baroness," and I appreciated the "It was unstated, but I always felt you were a Nazi." I swear, the internet loves the Baroness, but she was definitely a Nazi, even if it was for convenience more than conviction.

I can't believe there's only one episode left.
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I'm slowly spreading this show over a few weeks because I am really enjoying it. I get at least a belly-laugh or two out of each episode, mostly the chorus numbers. I find it fun to try to match the song with which musical inspired it. I'm not keeping a list but i should be. may be on the inevitable re-watch.
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and I appreciated the "It was unstated, but I always felt you were a Nazi." I swear, the internet loves the Baroness, but she was definitely a Nazi, even if it was for convenience more than conviction.

I could watch Jane K's response forever, which is weird, I know, but it's just so perfectly played
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I find it fun to try to match the song with which musical inspired it. I'm not keeping a list but i should be. may be on the inevitable re-watch.

I've been reading recaps of the episodes and I've been disappointed in how many writers either don't know the specific references or don't care enough to include them. (I'm not even *that* big of a musical buff but I definitely recognized Kiss Me Kate in "Always Never Get My Man"!) But if/when you want to do a deep dive, Playbill has two writers recapping every episode and they include all of the references.
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Dove Cameron (Betsy) and Cinco Paul (writer and showrunner) broke down the picnic scene, and Paul mentioned how American Werewolf in London inspired the show.
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This was clever. Make a hollywood musical, which wouldn't sell in theaters, cut it into bite sized parts and stream it, a format that currently draws eyes. Songs were great, singers were great, humor got me several times each episode. They knew dancing wasn't a strongpoint (and one of my bigger laughs was when Cecily noped right out of the dream ballet), so there was just enough to keep the audience in the scenes.
I agree that this is destined for Broadway.
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I bawled through the finale. So many fun twists! That was such a fun show, and I loved Melissa and Josh coming back together. Other thoughts:

* Jaime Camil (who played Doc Lopez) said the show was originally slated to be 8 episodes, and some of his backstory was cut out. Oh how I wish we had 2 more episodes of this!
* I was glad Keegan-Michael Key (Josh) finally had a song. Key is a confident singer and wasn't singing with his full power, but I guess having him jump straight into jazz hands would have been a letdown for all of the viewers who identified with Josh.
* Did anyone else want to see Emma Tate (Ariana DeBose) and her son actually go to NYC? I would watch a full second season about their adventures in the Big Apple!
* The actual finale song took me out of the universe a bit because it was in such a different musical style than the "Golden Age" songs from the rest of the show. I'm trying to place it, Sondheim? Chorus Line? Fame? It felt subdued and was an odd choice for the last big number, I was hoping for a big orchestral/dance/Rodgers & Hammerstein finish.
* I would *love* a Season 2 and it looks like the creators have plans for that if it is renewed.
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The first half of the finale number was definitely "Sunday in the Park"-inspired. It transitioned into something else more bouncy that I couldn't place, but the subdued bit was very Sunday-esque.
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The second half of the finale number kind of reminded me of Rent (with the tiniest hint of the Hamilton finale), but I'm not that familiar with Rent, so I could be way off.

If you didn't catch the Parent Conferences on the blackboard behind Emma when she confesses to Josh about her relationship to Carson, I recommend going back for a freeze frame.
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Cecily Strong looked so beautiful when she tearfully apologized to Josh. I always liked her in SNL, but this show converted me a huge fan of hers.

If this came back for a second season, I would absolutely watch it. I loved the execution of it.
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gladly, agree re: Cecily Strong. She has a new memoir out about losing her cousin to cancer, and I'm definitely going to read it. I've always liked her in SNL too, and from seeing her in Schmigadoon I think/hope she's going to have a huge career outside of SNL. She's great at caricatures, which allows her to shine on SNL, but she's also able to portray a multi-dimensional comedic character who is a real person, and that bodes well for post-SNL movies and TV.
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The actual finale song took me out of the universe a bit because it was in such a different musical style than the "Golden Age" songs from the rest of the show. I'm trying to place it, Sondheim? Chorus Line? Fame? It felt subdued and was an odd choice for the last big number, I was hoping for a big orchestral/dance/Rodgers & Hammerstein finish.

I thought it was in the style (especially harmonically) of early 70s hippy musicals, like Godspell or JC Superstar or etc., which was pretty clever in the context of a song about change--the whole village was embracing change, so their musical style was finally moving forward after being frozen in mid-century golden age musicals for some time.

In a lot of ways, the show reads like a History of American Musical Theater, and season 1 covered the golden age.
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(^ which means that season 2 would be full of Sondheim influence with opportunities for Rocky Horror/Beach Blanket Babylon drag/camp stuff, etc. All the fun growth and change of 1970s musical theater.)
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Oh, I like that interpretation, LooseFilter!
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Playbill does a recap of each episode that includes annotating all the musical references - here's episode 6.
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Looks like the folks at Playbill hear the same thing:
This gets us into our grand finale, “This is How We Change.” We’ve been living solidly in classic musicals of the ‘40s, ‘50s, and ‘60s, but with the people of Schmigadoon newly liberated, we move forward to some more modern musical theatre, specifically Sondheim. The first part of the echoes Sunday in the Park With George’s “Sunday,” but then they break out the tambourines and move to a more gospel-rock-infused version of the song, which gave me big Stephen Schwartz Pippin and Godspell energy—”Morning Glow,” “We Beseech Thee,” etc.
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We have most of the golden age musicals in the Plex library and we loved this. Agree with everyone putting the last number in the 70s - my wife said it reminded her of Pippin. Would definitely sign up for a second season!
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I was not at all prepared for how completely and totally delightful this is. My cheeks hurt from smiling.
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So I have three free months of AppleTV and finally got to see this. VERY well done.

Though I've been debating whether or not to audition for The Music Man in the spring--it's ok but not my favorite, I hate Shipoopi, but I may be more likely to get into that show than the one I really want to audition for and I'll probably be sick of not being in anything for a few months by the time this one comes up in rotation--and this show is making me think, "OMG I CAN'T LIVE LIKE THAT FOR A FEW MONTHS."

Love the snark. Love Cecily. Love Ariana. The spoofings are perfect. Of course that's her kid. Of course there's a random countess or whatever in town.

Oddly enough, not finding Aaron Tveit as hot in this as usual--I feel like it's bad facial lighting or something?

Anyway, would be interesting to see what they'd do with another season, but I assume that didn't happen.
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The finale came out in August, the folks behind it have said they have ideas for season 2, and the premiere was well-watched, so there's a solid chance it will get a season 2, it just hasn't been officially announced yet.
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We haven’t finished it yet, but neither of us can get “girls who dilly-dally end up dying in an alley” out of our heads.
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I really liked this, but I have to take issue with its giving me yet another celebrity crush (Cecily Strong).
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Trailer for season 2, and I am very, very ready. Much of the cast returning, but we're getting a few excellent additions.
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I quite enjoyed this. I'd really love annotations for the many musicals referenced. Cecily Strong was really terrific; she had a lot on her shoulders and carried it with aplomb.

I am scratching my head that this was produced by .. Lorne Michaels? He 's so cranky and sarcastic and the show is lovely and sentimental.
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