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A couple, Melissa and Josh, go on a backpacking trip in an attempt to patch up their failing relationship, only to find themselves trapped in a Golden Age-style musical set in the mythical town of Schmigadoon, and slowly realize that they cannot leave until they find true love.

The first two episodes were released on AppleTV on July 16; the remaining four episodes will be released weekly on Fridays starting July 23.
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I am 100% the target audience for this, being a huge fan of musicals. I enjoyed the first episodes but am curious to see where they take it - right now, it just seems like a too-long SNL sketch, I want to feel more engaged. Time will tell! That said, I'm watching until the end no matter what because the casting is just too good.
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I generally hate musicals (although I definitely can appreciate some of the ones that influenced this), and I loved it. The script, songs, and visual gags all seem like they were written simultaneously — they all work together incredibly well, and the fact that so many of the actors have Broadway experience blurs the line nicely between what's being celebrated and what's being made fun of. Also, Alan Cummings' vague French/German accent that only appears when he sings is fantastic.
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I enjoyed at least the first two available episodes way more than I expected to (and certainly more than most critics appeared to), having already watched both episodes twice. Really nice to see Cecily Strong in a much deserved starring role. Music is catchy, writing is clever, looking forward to the rest.
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I am in love with this, and Cecily Strong is magnificent. When she realizes that she's getting her own song, her little shiver of delight is so much fun. I really hope that Key gets into the fun of it too. His commentary is funny, but I want to see his chops. So far, this absolutely seems like a parody that could be made only by someone who loves what they're making fun of.
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The first two episodes are a blast - looking forward to the rest!

Apple TV+ is three for three with me so far: Ted Lasso, Mythic Quest, and this. People whose taste I trust keep urging me to check out The Morning Show as well....
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tizkeh - if you like science-fiction (and 60's/70's alternate history), "For All Mankind" is also top-notch.

And... Little America - although I am not allowed to watch it without supervision, as there will be "happy/sad/reflective" tears - I found many of the stories to be extremely compelling.

Mosquito Coast is ok - seems to capture the flavour of the book (which was a fav of mine during the 80's... My dad was "the dad" - or it felt that way at least)
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This was a delight. At least partially fills the void left in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's wake.
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I love Keegan Michael Key, but Josh Skinner is a tough character to like. Maybe they can rehab him with the schoolmarm.

I loved Melissa's "Yee honk" at Dr. Jorge's appearance. She even had her own little reprise! I am already looking forward to their duets. I'd already seen the "no one dies in musicals" part in the trailer, but I love it in context. And Melissa's explanation of an IUD to her carny!
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I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of Jaime Camil, who was so delightful on Jane the Virgin- very much looking forward to his work here!!!
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This is fun. Pleasantville: The Musical, brought to you by Saturday Night Live
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