Supernatural: Family Remains
July 23, 2021 3:50 AM - Season 4, Episode 11 - Subscribe

The Winchesters try to stop a family from moving into a house they believe is haunted.


Dean: Crap... So, what now?
Sam: We could tell them the truth.
Dean: Really?
Sam: No, not really.

Dean: What kind of ghost messes with a man's wheels?

Danny: You hunt ghosts?
Dean: That's right
Danny: Like Scooby-Doo?
Dean: Better.

Kate: Ewwww, I Just got touched by Casper the pervy ghost!

Sam: ...That's all she ever talks about: being pregnant, being ashamed of being pregnant.
Dean: Jeez, rent Juno and get over it.

Sam: It's not just a girl. It's Psycho Nell. I'm telling you, man. Humans.


A sign near where the Winchesters are parked at the beginning of the episode says, "No Hunting".

Sam and Dean introduce themselves to the family as Stanwyk and Babar, two names from the 1985 movie Fletch (Stanwyk was the main antagonist and Babar was one of Fletch's aliases).

When Dean says, "ripped from an Austrian headline," he is referring to the 2008 case of Josef Fritzl, who held his daughter captive in a secret corridor in his basement for 24 years.

Second episode in the series where the monsters are human. The first was "The Benders" (1:15).

Young Danny asks Dean and Sam if what they do is "like Scooby Doo". In Scooby Doo mysteries, the monster always turns out to be human, as is the case with the monster in this episode.

The house, located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, is also the set of the infamous The X-Files 1996 episode "Home", in which inbreeding and feral humans are also major plot points. Karin Konoval appeared in "Home", as the matriarch of the Peacock family, and this episode as a former house cleaner.
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The sight of Lizzie happily mowing down on a large, live rat gets my vote for most disgusting moment in the entire run of this show.

Lizzie and/or her brother knew how to write a few words such as "go" and "too late", but couldn't speak at all? Lizzie seems to have talked to Danny at least a little, so she must have had some speech.

Sam and Dean must have felt their upbringing was practically privileged compared to that of Lizzie and her brother.

How is the Carter family going to explain how the uncle got shot when there weren't any guns in the house? The police are probably going to identify the bullets as having come from Dean's gun, so....
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By this point, I just have to tune out any logical objections any time the boys leave forensic evidence and/or bodies lying around. I swear accepting their sloppy crime scene habits is harder than accepting that demons/angels/ghosts/random-monster-of-the-week are believable.

It's always a pleasure to see Helen Slater pop up on a TV show.
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It's a testament to how well this show establishes their mythology that when the Gibson kid steps over the salt line I nearly screamed. That scene is easily the scariest moment of the entire show for me.
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