The Forever Purge (2021)
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All the rules are broken as a sect of lawless marauders decides that the annual Purge does not stop at daybreak and instead should never end.

Available for digital rental in the US via the usual outlets.
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So.... the idea that there is a nakedly racist subset of heavily armed Americans itching for the chance to kill minorities and that the amoral rich would sic them on their fellow Americans as a way of preserving intense economic inequality... remember when that idea seemed like far out B movie dystopia?
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There are people who are going to tell you this movie is a blunt and clumsy instrument and that whatever point it tries to make, it makes them with maximum exploitation and minimum subtlety.

But y'all, this is a movie that ends with Americans depending on the aid of indigenous people to help them complete an illegal border crossing into Mexico. So, it's a legit fucking WOW from me.
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It's my favorite of the Purge series. I especially liked how Dylan was racist in exactly the same way that so many people I know are racist--not really openly or intentionally hostile, but definitely threatened by a multicultural society. I have cousins who talk exactly how he does. But when given the choice between teaming up with the Mexicans or casting his lot with the violent bigots, Dylan made the right call. The character growth between "I don't want my kids speaking Spanish" at the beginning and "Muchas gracias, Juan" at the end was really gratifying.

Yeah, maybe calling the American refugees "Dreamers" was a ham-handed, but I'm happy to have a movie that encourages Dylan-type people to think again about their stance on immigration. You can't make that point too clearly for my taste.

NITPICK: I kept wondering why they tried for the downtown El Paso border crossing instead of going to Tornillo or Fort Hancock, or the Santa Teresa, New Mexico crossing, which I've used the most. Going downtown during under those conditions was really stupid, and although it's a minor nit to pick, anyone actually from a border-region ranch would know better. Juan would surely know! It's a glaring omission if you've lived in the El Paso area, and I would have liked it if the radio announcement had thrown in an announcement that rural crossings were shut down for safety, but you could cross at the cities.
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I also think this might be my favorite of the series! Extremely on the nose, but uh, here we are.
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