Amphibia: Best Fronds
August 1, 2021 12:48 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

The Planters are still mistrustful of Anne. She's feeling homesick, so Sprig takes her to his favorite pond, against the advice and efforts of Hop Pop. As a result they almost die again.
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At the beginning we see, in a dream, the events that sent Anne to Amphibia. Other than in the photo in the opening, it is the first time we see Anne's friends Marcy and Sasha.
In the case of the thrift shop in the dream is a Sega Dreamcast.
Sprig: "So! You must be excited to be trapped in another world! Very jealous!" HEH HEH HEH
Anne puts on beach clothes, which presumably had been in her backpack. Over the course of two seasons, Anne is seen with an assortment of things that could only have come out of that backpack. Its capacity must be endless!
A common pattern of these early episodes is: Hop Pop tells someone not to do something, they do it, suffer for it somehow, and then they're sorry, and Hop Pop forgives them. The morals are laid on kind of thick at the beginning.
Hop Pop is reading a book entitled "So You're A Failed Actor."
We see Hop Pop sometimes sleeps with his eyes open. Later episodes make it clear this doesn't always happen.
Anne is shown to have a somewhat unhealthy idea of friendship. It turns out that's due to the influence of Sasha.
Anne drops her phone right in the water. It's got to have some kind of waterproof coating.
This is the first time a character is outright eaten. It won't be the last. Fortunately Sprig had those pain peppers!
A lot of these predator encounters are referred to later, in the Season Two episode A Day At The Aquarium.
At the end of this episode, we find out where Sasha is: a holding cell in a place called Toad Tower, overseen by a toad named Captain Grime, who has found Anne's shoe.
Predator of the episode: water snake.
From the backpack: toothbrush, toothpaste, suntan lotion, sandals, a beach towel, and beach clothes.
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