Amphibia: Girl Time
August 6, 2021 12:41 PM - Season 1, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Anne is concerned that living with two boys is causing Polly to grow up to be coarse, so she takes Hop Pop's wallet in order to treat her to a day of pampering.

  • This is another episode in which no one almost dies. The worst that happens (which is still pretty bad) is the Plantars almost get press-ganged into collecting spider eggs.
  • The scene at the beginning might be a bit hard to recognize, but it's the back of the Plantar's house. Evidently the house is built on the shore of a lake, river or swamp. We get this shot again in Family Fishing Trip.
  • How does Polly spit that far? She must be a ball of muscle.
  • I think I'm with Anne on this one, the frawgs are kinda gross.
  • Businesses in Wartwood: Spa, Salon (Hair Are Frogs--why did Anne take Polly here, she doesn't have hair yet), Clothier (Fancy Olde Dresses--again, why, Polly only wears a bow), Restaurant (run by Ivy's mother Felicia Sundew), Massage Parlor
  • Scene from Earth: the store "The Good Life." (with a period), "Everything In Here Vibrates!" Anne is shown enjoying a display model massage chair. One of the items on display is a vibrating cat tree, which I'm sure cats will enjoy and not stay three miles away from at all times.
  • You'd think the constable, considering the hijinks the Plantars are always getting up to, would be a larger presence in the show, but I think he's a one-off.
  • It seems that Amphibia gender norms are much like Earth's. But, do 13-year-old Earth girls (and on the shallow end of 13, Anne was sent to Amphibia on her 13th birthday) commonly go to spas and get massages? I admit that I am out of touch on such things, but this seems like another case where Anne's written a bit older than her stated age.
  • Anne's hair doesn't have twigs and leaves in it for much of this episode, but return in the next episode. Where do they come from? She's not been living in that cave for weeks now.
  • From our co-watchers, a question: Polly gets "three official chances" at the spitting trophy. Is that today? In her life?
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> "Anne's hair doesn't have twigs and leaves in it for much of this episode, but return in the next episode. Where do they come from?"

Remember --

HP: Now if you'll excuse me, Polly's due for a wash.
Polly: No no no! I'll just get dirty again! You can't stop me! I learned this from watching you Anne!
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