Amphibia: Dating Season
August 6, 2021 5:51 PM - Season 1, Episode 13 - Subscribe

After Anne and Hop Pop learn that Sprig has a girl frog friend, they try to set them up during the Firefly Formal dance. As a result they almost die.

  • "Ivy, meet Anne! Oddity from another world! Anne, meet Ivy! Childhood acquaintance and occasional sparring partner!"
  • HP: "Ivy Sundew?? Nobody move! I'm getting the courtship kit!" Hop Pop is way too prepared for things like this. Geez, relationships in Wartwood are complicated.
  • Anne: "This is so exciting! I'm gonna go get my dating magazines, BRB!" Anne is also way too prepared.
  • Sprig: "GUYS! We're JUST. FRIENDS. Besides, I'm already engaged to Maddie, right? She gave me this nifty ring!" (ring has skull ornament with flames glowing in the eye sockets)
  • Apparently, mosquito messengers are tipped with blood.
  • Guest star is Kevin MacDonald, a genuine Kid in the Hall, as Albus Duckweed, local food critic and general Wartwood M.C.
  • Anne: "Guys! It says here that our relationships define us, and nothing else. NOTHING ELSE!"
  • (after Polly destroys Anne's magazine): "Wow. I feel... lighter somehow. More... free!"
  • Predator of the episode: Love doves
  • From the backpack: dating magazines
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