Amphibia: Anne vs. Wild
August 6, 2021 6:55 PM - Season 1, Episode 14 - Subscribe

Feeling left out when she discovers the Plantars were going on a camping trip without her, Anne asks to come along. As a result they almost die.

  • Polly: "You're soft, Anne! Like a baby!"
  • The campground is called Camp Phlegmington.
  • A lot of Anne screams in this episode. They're fun!
  • This is the first episode with Soggy Joe, hardcore outdoorsfrog and pancake enthusiast.
  • The really nice thing about this episode is Anne's coming to fit in with the Plantars, a bunch of frogs and their human friend.
  • The Mudmen are the first villains in the series who are actual, honest-to-frog cannibals, and they won't be the last. It's kind of a dark inclusion for a Disney production.
  • Mudman: "...all I wanted to do today is get muddy and eat people."
  • AND THEN... "Guys... now that we've been through a lot, there's something I'd like to share with you...." The thing that brought Anne to Amphiba turns out to be a magic artifact called the CALAMITY BOX.
  • Predators of the episode: mudmen (cannibalistic frogs)
  • From the backpack: Peony Princess bath bomb, the Calamity Box (again)
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