Amphibia: Plantar's Last Stand
August 14, 2021 1:29 AM - Season 1, Episode 18 - Subscribe

Mayor Maire Toadstool quadruples the rent on the Plantar family produce stand. To save it, Anne suggests selling fruit juice as a patent medicine called Plantar's Potion, which sells extremely well but tests Hop Pop's honesty.

  • It's not quite an episode where no one is in danger of dying, but the giant flies successfully carry off Wally but he returns in later episodes, so I assume that means Anne, Sprig and Polly weren't in mortal danger.
  • The vegetable stand is revealed to be the Plantars' main source of income.
  • A few recurring characters. Mrs. Sadie Croaker is one of the most frequently recurring characters in Wartwood, in other episodes she intentionally aggravates Sprig, reveals she doesn't like Sprig very much, plays Bugball, eats at Stumpy's Diner, and is seen in many other places. Wally we met in the first episode and encountered again in Lily Pad Thai. Ivy's mother Felicia Sundew is also present. And Toady delivers the news of Toadstool's tax hike and the eviction notice at the end.
  • The gourd maggot jumps into Anne's hair, which is always a reliable subject for a gag. Even Sprig can hide in there! Anne's frantic screams as it rummages around are super high-pitched, alerting dogs throughout your house.
  • It seems to me that, while making spurious claims is dishonest and not sustainable, Hop Pop probably could make more money selling products made from vegetables than the vegetables themselves. Anne's idea doesn't seem to be entirely a bad one.
  • Backstory: Hop Pop's father ran the vegetable stand before Hop Pop. Also, we found out earlier that HP is a failed actor, which might explain how readily he gets into the salesman role. And about Amphibia's money system, over Coppers there appears to be a Gold Farthing, worth 20 Coppers.
  • Heard from a departing customer, about "Limited Edition Plantar's Potion" (made from literal garbage): "I'm gonna feed this to my baby!"
  • Polly: "You want me to" [shict!] "'off' Toady? I'll do it. You know I will."
  • Finally, at the end of the episode, the Plantars actually do lose the stand. This is a point of continuity: they get it back at the end of Hop-Popular (episode 24).
  • From the backpack: another teen magazine. Are all these magazines from different episodes themselves different, or the same ones over and over?
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