Amphibia: Grubhog Day
August 17, 2021 11:25 PM - Season 1, Episode 21 - Subscribe

Sprig is assigned to take care of the focus creature of a Wartwood festival, meaning he can't go on any rides or have fun, but Anne convinces him that he could still enjoy the festivities if he took the grubhog with him. As you've probably guessed, things go badly.

  • Welcome to the second half of Season One of Amphibia!
  • I find this episode to be well-written generally. The writer was Michelle Cavin.
  • (jumps out of bushes) Hop Pop: "Not so fast kids!" Anne: "Hop Pop! Wa- what were you doing hiding in the bushes?" Hop Pop: "I... I'm not quite sure myself, Anne."
  • "Congratulations, lucky child, on being chosen! Now just follow this ONE rule: keep your-eye on the grub hog and... Don't 'Pull a Plantar!!'"
  • On a distance shot of the Spider Spinner, you can see Felicia Sundew and Maddie on the ride.
  • It's always fun when a character freaks out, as Sprig does when the grub hog gets carried away by a giant buzzard.
  • Toadstool: "I want to hand it over to the next town scandal just waitin' to happen: Sprig Plantar!"
  • At the end the Plantar family name is saved when the puppet show Anne and Sprig put on to try to fool everyone that the grubhog is okay turns out to be more popular than the actual grubhog. So... their subterfuge was actually a good thing in the end!
  • Grubhog: "Thank you for saving me, loyal subject." Buzzard: "Think nothing of it, Lord. I have not forgotten the aid you gave my people. To where do we fly?" Grubhog: "To war, old friend. To war."
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