Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Lake House   First Watch 
August 26, 2021 11:26 PM - Season 8, Episode 2 - Subscribe

The squad -- and a few people who aren't on it -- visit Kevin's and Raymond's vacation house, with interludes for birdwatching, caretaking, cardiovascular exercise, potato chip ranking, and surprisingly uninterrupted sleep.
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I had the same observation as Emily Nussbaum:
Dark LOL when Jake blurted out ā€œIā€™m only half!ā€ after Holt yelled at him in German.
One of the darkest jokes in the series.
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I forget what that was the punchline for.
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Me too... not sure I get that joke. Is it, "I'm only half German"?

Favorite bits:

"I'm a trash man who only knows trash birds."

Peralta's reaction when Holt described the bird in Pantone colors.

"It's a stupid duck!"

Crusty old nip tips

Super high Rosa

Terry loves Love, Terry loves Hedging, Terry hates Ledges
(Actually, pretty much anything with Terry)

One inconsistency:

If there's no wireless or internet at The Lake House, how did Terry watch every episode of Alone overnight?
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Terry loves downloading media content for offline viewing
and love
and yogurt.
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Jake is Jewish on his mom's side, I believe.

Holt was exclaiming with the German name for the "Parent Trap" scheme; Jake reflexively cowered with "I'm only half!" upon hearing loud German spoken at him.
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But when did Terry download the content, since Jake didn't mention the show until they got to The Lake House?! Terry has me confused.
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Was this the "snack of water" episode?
What a delivery!
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But when did Terry download the content, since Jake didn't mention the show until they got to The Lake House?! Terry has me confused.

You're right! I fear I might be hoist on my own petard.
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I was about to say that it's just one of those quick cheats the writers hope we'll overlook, but then I realized another possibility: maybe Terry lied, because Terry loves Being Included!

Thinking back, all the details of Jake's plan are pretty great, from his use of the term "thirst traps" to his perfectly chosen outfits -- Holt is turned on by the mock turtleneck, suggesting he has thing for the professorly side of Kevin, and Kevin gets hot for Holt in workout shorts -- I think Mr. Cosner likes to get sweaty! That, and the perfectly chosen "snack of water" also show just how well Peralta knows them, which is pretty sweet.
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Hah, I've read "Lisa and Lottie" (i.e. the original Parent Trap book), but not in its original German.

The bird calls and Pantone colors were so romantic!

I didn't particularly like Rosa being perpetually stoned and useless in this episode though, except for the potato chip bonding.

Anyone know why Hitchcock "retired" without Scully and is only on via video? Feeling a little concerned for the actor so was just wondering.
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