Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Blue Flu   First Watch 
August 28, 2021 11:39 AM - Season 8, Episode 3 - Subscribe

The squad takes a multipronged approach to investigating unusual goings-on at their own precinct. Raymond Holt has two very frustrating conversations.
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Huh, I hadn't realized "blue flu" was a term of art.
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I prefer Holt's "whoop" to Peralta's.

I love that Holt has carefully analyzed and applied the trident metaphor to his situation, and that the next iteration is "fork."

The Terry has a Tummy-Ache subplot was... weak and forced and lazy. But, I felt like I noticed Terry's awesome shirt/tie combos this week more than normal, so maybe they were trying to make him look extra nice as compensation. Dude looks sharp.

Peralta: The Kissing Disease?

Boyle: No, the Cousins Disease. You get it from kissing your cousins.

Peralta: ...

That's just too good.

Testicle jokes: a reliable comedy goldmine.

Holt's response to Boyle's speech was exquisite in its brutality: "Again, your statements were meaningless, I'm just isolating individual words."

The Back-Scratching Circle made up of Scullys and Hitchcocks... there's something deeply unwholesome about that. It's like a more disgusting version of a human centipede. And I think they are excavating some new lower levels of Hell where you work as a masseuse on Hitchcock's sex barge for all eternity.

The storyline in this and the later eps. I've seen suggests that the "crime-fighting investigations" part of the show will now be about fighting police corruption rather than policing the "community." That's a smart way to deal with trying to walk the fine line of being a show about cops and a progressive-minded comedy. Not that it's necessarily a "progressive" idea, but it is probably the best way to handle the situation. Jettisoning the cop backstory and it-was-all-a-dreaming it into a show about, say, librarians, or other major renovation projects to the show are probably better in theory than they would be in practice, and it would probably be asking of a much bigger task from cast and crew and writers than one would expect. So if you're going to do the season at all, this seems like one of the best ways to go. It's no Hamsterdam in Season 3 of The Wire, but this is network tv.

But somebody HAS to do a "Serpico" before the season ends.
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Watching a plotline in which Terry is sick and vomiting at work in public, even in a "post-Covid" imaginary world, wigged me the hell out. It's a good/reasonable plot given the "blue flu" plot, but still.

Holt drinking his "celebratory" booze was heartbreaking.

Then his "didn't do" arguments....badass. Followed by Xanatos Gambiting and winning no matter what.....

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For Balancing, since there's no entry for it:

"digital phallus portrait"
"This is as if I sent him a bar graph."
Why are you tutoring Cheddar in French? (Was that where he was during the Lake House episode?)
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