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Realtor Nick Roman and an elite team of specialists handle the cases that no one else can: haunted and possessed houses that literally scare would-be buyers away.
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On the one hand you've got your supernatural happenings.

On the other hand, it's all happening within the purview of a real estate office?

And while I'm willing to kind of accept that as a Realtor Ghostbusters sort of mashup, in practice the actual plots are only kindasorta related to the real estate portion of the premise. If you were hoping for like Warehouse 13 with more of a supernatural bent, this isn't that.

I think the cast are doing a fine job with what they're given, but 5 episodes in and I'm sort of zoning out of the episodic plot and trying to notice when they drop in some movement on the season-long arc. That said, the direction is erratic - there are a lot of lines that leave me wondering if that was the best delivery you could get for that? You didn't want to try another take, maybe?

File this under "it has good bones, but needs a renovation" for me.
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And to be fair, I'm only 5 episodes in, there are 3 more available and the season is 10 episodes long - maybe they manage to tie it all together in the end? But the first few episodes are pretty hard on your suspension of disbelief in the _entirely normal_ real estate happenings, much less the supernatural stuff.
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I only made it through one episode. It was just too pat with the way the owner just knew the newly hired real estate star had powers, would reveal her powers, would help the kid in the house, etc. All of the writing seemed a bit trite, and while there are some solid Canadian actors in the cast, I couldn't be bothered hanging around until they were given good material to work with.

I had to laugh when they tried to pass off their east coast shooting location as California.
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Yeah, the pilot was exceptionally uneven. I think it's settled down a bit since then? But it still sort of feels like two plot seeds shoved together to make a salable show. Supernatural ghosties! A weekly Ghostbusters™ with the serial numbers filed off. Hard to move real estate! A weekly case of figuring out the real sticking point to enable the sale.

Except here it's always a ghost. And somehow they're doing all of this in the middle of a seller's market. I mean, some days it feels like a house could have been the site of a mass murder and still have rotting corpses in the foundation and it'll sell for over asking in a week. Ok ok the house down the street with the murder/suicide sold for less than it was bought for, but it was bought in 2007 and sold in 2009, so mmmmmmaybe the market bubble, mmmmmmaybe the bad vibes.
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