Lucifer: Nothing Ever Changes Around Here
September 10, 2021 6:11 PM - Season 6, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Before Lucifer starts his new job, he and Chloe experience a magical night with a murderous end. Linda and Amenadiel host Maze and Eve for dinner.

Den of Geek review: Lucifer returns for its sixth and final season, and the Team Lucifer members prepare to take on their new roles on Earth and in Heaven and Hell. - "Six weeks have passed, and Lucifer prepares to ascend into Heaven and begin his dream job – master of the universe. But the Devil’s having second thoughts about taking on God’s responsibilities, and “Nothing Ever Changes Around Here” cleverly sets up Lucifer’s sixth and final season to potentially explore the often unspoken desires that drive each character."

*The episode opens with a callback to the pilot opening, Lucifer driving the streets of L.A., and getting pulled over by the same cop again.

*Lucifer takes Chloe to a magic club for a last 'night of wonder' before his ascension to the Silver City, but it turns into the case-of-the-week, a locked room murder mystery, the resolution of which (murderer of the week - entertainment lawyer) leads Lucifer to admit to himself & Chloe that he may not be suited for God-hood after all.

*Dr. Linda hosts a going-away dinner party for Eve and Maze with Amenadiel, but can't help therapizing them to the point where Maze admits that she doesn't actually want to go be Queen of Hell with Eve at her side, but would rather stay on earth and continue bounty hunting together. Eve feels the same, and next thing you know they're engaged.

*While Amenadiel can't deny that Linda's prodding Eve and Maze into honesty saved their relationship, and he understands that her celestial encounters make normal human therapy problems seem dull in comparison, he urges her to embrace the importance of small acts. Also, he's going to be a beat cop soon.

*Back at the penthouse, Lucifer tells Chloe about his doubts, and that he needs to postpone the coronation. After she goes to sleep, Lucifer flies down to Hell and visits Dan, who is playing ping pong with the demon Belios, in the torture-off-limits, Hell's first purgatory room created by Lucifer for Dan. But Dan has yet to find a door that will lead him to the Silver City like Lee (Mr. Said Out Bitch) found, even though he claims that he's already dealt with all his guilt, and he is frustrated at Lucifer's apparent procrastination at becoming God since once he's God he should have the power to get Dan out of Hell, and tells him to just stop visiting until/unless he has a solution.

*At the end, some not-Lucifer person in fishnets sits atop the Hell throne.
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Final season, here we go! I've loved this show from the pilot and through the lows of season 3, so I don't want to end it with just a complete-season thread. 10 episodes seems doable for a binge-postathon weekend.

I wasn't expecting to see Dan so soon, or that Lucifer would go so far as to have been checking up on him personally. He's been such a dick to him for so long.

The cop from the pilot callback was also unexpected, ha.
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Eve's back?!? Maybe there'll be a spinoff.
posted by sammyo at 7:10 PM on September 10, 2021

There was at least one real magician cameo in the crowd - did anybody spot any others?
posted by Mogur at 6:39 AM on September 11, 2021

Reasonably certain the interiors were shot in the Magic Castle in LA, if anyone was curious.
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What a ride it's been. Lucifer has carried me through the end of two different relationships, a job change, and most of my transition. Hard to believe some of these people are gone from my life just like that, but everything changes.
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This felt very reset button. "Oh, I want to be God." "No, I don't." "I wanna be Queen of Hell." "No, I don't." I guess that's what they had to do in season six, but still kinda weird.

The actor playing Carol...used to be cuter. Less...square looking? Also, why the girl's spelling of Carol, not Carroll?

Maze and Eve going from near breakup to "let's get married," um.....?

The throwback to the cop was pretty funny.
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