Lucifer: A Lot Dirtier Than That
September 11, 2021 3:23 PM - Season 6, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Wanting to do well on his first day with the LAPD, Amenadiel crosses paths with a racist detective from his past. Also, Lucifer tries to bond with Rory.

*Amenadiel's first case is of a man, Kevin Campbell, shot in his home. The CO turns out to be Detective Reiben, the racist beat cop who pulled a gun on him and violently arrested Caleb, the teen he was mentoring back in Season 4 episode 8, who immediately assumes the shooting was gang-related because of Kevin's race, and does a cursory investigation of the crime scene. Amenadiel goes to Ella and asks her to re-check the scene. She agrees (and uses a hug to cop a feel for Amenadiel's wings or halo).

*At Dr. Linda's office, Lucifer brainstorms non-abandonment explanations for his disappearance, but Linda agrees with Maze's suggestion that he focus on helping Rory in the present. At the apartment, Chloe offers Rory Trixie's (who is away at science camp for the summer) room, and apologizes for her part in Lucifer's accusations at the family therapy session, asking her to give him a chance.

*At the penthouse, Rory finds that Lucifer has created a Christmas extravaganza for her, with presents to make up for every year he missed, carolers, and a ridiculous amount of decorations. Rory is not impressed. Later, he tries to give he a driving lesson on his car, but that also falls flat, as the car is already hers in the future.

*At Chloe's, Amenadiel tells her that Ella found a blood trail and fingerprint on the scene. Chloe tries to convince him that the police get things right more than they get it wrong, and that Harris was offered a Detective promotion but turned it down.

*Amenadiel interviews the nosy neighbor, Loretta, about Kevin. She scoffs at the idea of him being a gang-banger, says he worked at the Post Office and was in a loving relationship with his girlfriend, Michaela. Dan shows up, and is shocked when Amenadiel tells him that Reiben made detective, that Dan did file the complaint against him but regrets not following up, but that Reiben must have someone in his corner to have made detective.

*Back at the station, Amenadiel tells Harris about his investigation, and that he suspects the target was the former tenant 'Sam the Snake'. Harris explains that she turned down the detective job because it was just meant to ship her out of the LA area to stop her from making complaints. Reiben calls Amenadiel into the conference room. He admits to remembering their previous encounter, claims to be a changed man and thanks him for finding the blood trail and fingerprint, but is still the same racist jerk as he ever was, assuming that Michaela and Kevin shot each other rather than her fleeing from the one who shot them both.

*At Lux, Lucifer tries to throw Rory a party, with Maze serving shots and with a choreographed musical number (Roy Orbison's "You've Got It"), but strikes out again, as she tells him there's no way for him to make up for what he's done. He finally just asks her (non-mojo) what it is she desires, and she says she wants him to leave her alone.

*Officer Harris brings Amenadiel to meet with Dr. Lamotte, who runs a free clinic near the crime scene. She treated Michaela for a gunshot wound to the thigh and gave her Harris' number, and gives them the slug she pulled from her thigh. Later, Ella tells them it's a match for the one in Kevin, and the gun belongs to a loan shark. Michaela calls, and is hiding from the killer in a cemetery mausoleum. Harris and Amenadiel find her, and end up in a shoot-out with the loan shark, but he surrenders after Harris bluffs that he's surrounded. Reiben and the other cops arrive and immediately draw on Michaela despite her being unarmed and bleeding, and Amenadiel faces off with them in the line of fire until they holster their weapons, but Reiben still has both Michaela and the loan shark taken in. Once at the station, Harris says that Amenadiel's work cleared her, but Amenadiel isn't sure if it's enough.

*At the penthouse, Lucifer finds Rory playing guitar and singing "Bridge Over Troubled Waters", and joins her on the piano, and we get a montage of Harris and Amenadiel taking Michaela home, Dan looking on, and Chloe looking at personnel files.
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I feel like, while the show has touched on police corruption before with Dan's and his old partner's Palmetto thing, and Reiben's previous appearance, they mostly went the whole copaganda "we're the good guys, the bad guys are an exception" route. And I wonder whether it's just a happy coincidence that Decker is not an active detective this season, allowing the stories to focus more on the interpersonal drama/celestial arcs and not on the police procedural stories. I wasn't sure if I was going to like Amenadiel's LAPD arc, but, I feel like this wasn't too copaganda-ish, all things considered.

Loved the musical numbers.
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Den of Geek recap: Lucifer focuses on father and daughter getting to know each other while Amenadiel confronts uncomfortable societal realities. - "Sometimes we just have to marvel at what television writers are able to pack into a typical 45 minute episode. Lucifer is at its best when it explores the intricacies of human and celestial emotion, but sometimes a bit more is required. “A Lot Dirtier Than That” more than succeeds on that front."

Oh, I forgot to mention in my previous comment -- wish they'd found somewhere else to put Dan in the scene where Amenadiel interviews the neighbor than a wobbly plastic chair, really breaks the illusion of his intangibility. I mean, I get that he had to be seated to stay in the same frame as Amenadiel, but, oof.
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