The Other Two: Season 2 (Full Season)
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An aspiring actor and his sister Brooke, a former professional dancer, try to find their place in the world while wrestling with their feelings about their 13-year-old brother Chase's sudden rise to internet fame.
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I find this show to be such a delight. It's so much kinder than I expected it to be -- anytime it seems like it's going to go down a "cringe" path, it does something unexpected. I like how much Chase is just allowed to be a kid and while the show is definitely mocking the entertainment industry that turns kids like him into stars, it's never making fun of him.

Brooke and Cary are messy but I like that they are fundamentally good. They just get in their own ways way too much.

I love that it's telling a story and letting these characters grow and evolve. I think it would be easy just to hit a reset button the end of every episode or season, but instead, everyone is actually making progress in their careers (whether that's good or bad is definitely a question the show asks, though).

I also think it's great that it's also about a family that, overall, genuinely loves each other.

I'm sad the second season is done now but I may go back and watch both seasons again.
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Yes, I love this show. I love how rich the characters are and like you say they are never making fun of them. I really liked the episode where Molly Shannon's character was meeting all of her fans. She brings so much subtlety to her character who would be really easy to play as a shallow stereotype of Stage Mom but Molly goes out of her way to show us that her character is sincerely just a sweet person who's doing her best out here. It's nice because I was paying attention but didn't expect to see that, which makes me feel like the show played me, but in a good way.
Also this show cracks me up like nothing else. The one with the gay couple who were grifting to pay for their deck had me screaming.
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This is definitely one of the most smartly-written comedies on the air right now, and I'm glad they changed the status quo so much in this season. I like how the beginning of the final episode switches things up so that Chase and Pat are the eponymous Other Two, which makes a kind of sense since we haven't really seen much of them before then.
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