Bingo Hell (2021)
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Oak Springs is in the throes of gentrification. The locals and local businesses who thrived there for decades are now being pushed out in favor of microbreweries and cold press coffee. Amidst all this Mr Big's Bingo arrives announcing that everyone deserves to be a winner.

Mr Big makes good on his promise of large prizes offering one of the early winners 10,000 dollars and tells the rest that the prizes will only get bigger. But the prizes come at a very high price for the winner. Lupita, a life long resident of Oak Springs, is convinced there is something very wrong with the bingo game and aims to stop it.
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There aren't a lot of horror movies were the main cast is older than 40, which is why I was very excited for this movie. Unfortunately, it didn't stick the ending.

Spoiler warning:

After going through everything to defeat Mr Big, Lupita realizes that her community isn't about the physical place of Oak Springs but the people. This makes the evil of gentrification just about being too attached to a place and not that people and businesses who have thrived for decades suddenly find themselves with no place to go and deprived of the community they have relied on.

But the ending is "Hey let's go to the beach" like moving away is that easy. It felt victim blamey (the real problem is the attachment to the place and not outside groups coming in to exploit the area with no appreciation of the locals whose home this is).
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