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Some people have died of vampire attacks in the Louisiana town where Benny is living, and only Dean believes he's innocent.


When Dean asks Martin if he actually saw Benny kill the café patron, Martin replies, "You ever hear of Occam's Razor? 'Keep it simple, stupid.'" He is referring to the problem solving principle of 11th century philosopher monk William of Ockham that states where there are competing theories, the simplest solution should be chosen.
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Dean uses the expression "drop a dime" to Amelia. It's a curiously old-fashioned expression for him to use, because he was born in 1979, and pay phone charges went from 10 cents to 25 cents in 1985, when he was 6. But it's an expression Bobby used, so I suppose he picked it up from him, and it's in keeping with the way that a lot of his pop culture references date back farther than would be usual for someone his age.

Hilarious moment when Benny's is all, "Uh, you didn't bang my great-granddaughter," and Dean's all, "Oh, no, no, I didn't!" He didn't, but he did give Elizabeth his number and invite her to call him, so the intent was there.

Sam doesn't seem to have told Amelia about his life. I don't know how much chance their relationship would ultimately have had even if her husband hadn't turned up.

Major betrayal for Dean to have sent Sam the text message from "Amelia" -- and it was even something he'd prepared for in advance. And then there's Sam's understandable fury over Dean's implication that he could trust Benny but not Sam. But Sam did leave Dean unconscious and handcuffed to a radiator while he went off to kill his friend for something he hadn't done, so.... The two of them aren't in a good place at present.
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“Maybe I’m going to Hell for saying this, but I don’t want to give this up.” Seriously, Sam? Maybe you shouldn’t be throwing around the desire to go to Hell so casually.

The way those neck wounds stopped bleeding, Dean hardly needed to give Elizabeth his handkerchief. Notice he didn’t use it on his own wound. While we know Dean likes nice clothes, I never pictured him as the type to carry a handkerchief. That seems like it would involve too much laundry and ironing.

Poor Benny. He didn’t deserve to get caught up in the pissing match between Sam and Dean. God, those two just cannot go two minutes acting like adults. And of course Martin, and Elizabeth and Amelia get caught in the fallout.
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I never pictured him as the type to carry a handkerchief.

Given how often Dean and Sam get cut up on the job, and how often he sees others getting hurt, I can see Dean carrying a handkerchief in his jacket pocket for first aid purposes. They probably don't get laundered afterwards.
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I guess we add disposable hankerchiefs to the disposable Zippos and tally them up under "usual hunter expenses."

Personally, I think that it would just make more sense to have a massive and well-stocked first-aid kit in Baby (alongside the guns and weapons), filled with disposable alcohol/anti-bacterial/etc. wipes.
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Sam does say he'll "get the first aid kit" in the very last episode of the show, so they have one.
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I'm younger than Dean but also say drop a dime having never dropped a dime in my life, though I recognize no real person says that anymore. I use it specifically to mean narcing on someone, which I also think is a thing no one says anymore. So it goes.

Sam secretly sending Martin to watch Benny is a thing I can understand being pissed about. The idea that Dean reacted to finding out Sam had a serious relationship by changing her number to his own is WILD to me. Even if we assume that Dean's actual specific plan and rationale was to use that exactly the way he eventually did, which is unhinged but in the way Dean is usually unhinged, in practice he would also see and intercept if Sam ever tried to call or text Amelia and just, yikes. YIKES.
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The place that Dean picks up a burger at early on is '50's Burger' in Burnaby. Old school place, decent burgers, amazing hotdogs. The cool thing is that they bake the bread in-house and bucks the current trend of having Instagram-able too-tall burgers that you can't eat unless you can unhinge your jaw, and goes with bigger diameter burgers instead.

Benny has a much nicer machete than Dean does.

I'm starting to like Benny? His hat reminds me dearly of my dad.

Have lways liked that hunters are all kinds of people, but particularly that this "family friend" from the boys' past turns out creepier/ more-pathetic than they remember from their youths.

I'm almost building a headcannon that Sam and Dean resemble the average 1/6 Capitol insurrectionist and only think they look like Padalecki and Ackles.

Sam's Taurus is a SA/DA so you can fire with or without manually chambering a round (pulling back on the slide, cocking the pistol, otherwise the first trigger pull is heavier than successive shots) - I'm not sure I recall him doing that before, it seems like a not-so-subtle display that he's going in fully cocked, then upon seeing Amelia and the dude, he wilts.

I'm less squicked by Dean pulling the phone trick with Sam, and more that Dean went and stalked this woman to build a dossier on her (Sam knew that Dean knew, and Dean admitted to knowing). Pulling the dirty trick is Dean's approach to "protecting" Sam ("tough love," etc.).
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The gun details are interesting, porpoise. Thanks.
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