American Horror Story: The Future Perfect
October 21, 2021 4:12 AM - Season 10, Episode 10 - Subscribe

The aliens' endgame is revealed.
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Random Notes:

*Reptilian aliens are a staple of pop culture (most notably, in the form of the "V" TV movies and series of the 1980s, resurrected as an ill-starred show on ABC that somehow lasted two seasons, from 2009-11) and alien conspiracy theories. English author and former football player David Icke has written about these creatures extensively, and while I won't pretend to have read any of this stuff, I did have a girlfriend who was super into David Icke, because of course I did.

*The "simple medical procedure" Nixon experiences is also well-known to pop culture, perhaps brought most prominently to the western consciousness by South Park, in its 1997 premiere, "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe." The Greys' propensity toward sticking objects in people's assholes was, I think, first noted by horror novelist Whitley Strieber, whose 1987 bestseller, Communion, is purportedly a non-fictional account of Strieber's own alien abduction experiences. I don't think I'm telling most people reading this anything they don't already know so far, but what you may not know is that there is a movie circa 1989 based on Communion, and it stars Christopher Walken himself (!!!) as Whitley Strieber, and it is completely bonkers. That's really the entire point of this paragraph. You owe it to yourself to watch this movie, today. Today.

*And so we reach the end of another season of American Horror Story. I thought it was pretty good! Obviously, Death Valley leaves quite a bit hanging (Red Tide also ended with a mini-apocalypse), but I guess only ratings can say for sure whether the aliens will return. I feel like we're pretty screwed if they do, since they can just make heads explode. That's a tough act to compete with. I'm not sure the coven could pull it off. One Kathy Bates robot and a Cody Fern almost destroyed the world on their watch; an entire alien invasion is a little out of their league.
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Ahhh yet another AHS finale. I think Dewey from Malcolm In The Middle put it best with "I expect nothing, and I'm still let down."

But seriously this ending I suppose. Overall I liked the mini-season, I though all the past stuff was fun showing the aliens though the last 50 years or so of American History. It did feel different then any of the other seasons. Like all the other ones are at least mostly linked together in some way or another (if not directly) but this felt outside...sort of a "Tree House of Horror" type episode where it isn't cannon to the rest of the series. I mean maybe we will get to see a season where witches/vampires/ghosts/antichrist? team up against the aliens to 'save' humanity (your definition of save may vary) .

All that said if/when another season comes out I will continue to watch it for the glorious mess that it is :)
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To some extent - I couldn't believe it just petered out like that. I think that whole bit was just to let Sarah Paulson flounce around as Mamie Eisenhower.
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I think Red Tide was intended to be ten episodes, and that Death Valley was meant to be an episode of American Horror Stories that grew into four parts. It's easy to envision Red Tide going on all season, but Death Valley feels kind of long for what it is.
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I enjoyed the cuteness of this, mostly because it fits my brand of silly alien conspiracy theories. kittens, you're probably right about Death Valley being stuffed with filler for a 1/3 season.

Mamie Eisenhower not changing her style after all those years was a negative, though. I wonder if she got any real-time media? I'd probably want to die if I was stuck in that compound for 50 years.

The breeding program made negative sense.
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I actually thought how she responded to the unsanctioned death was because she did, finally, want to end her life. But the story went predictably, sadly. I found Death Valley pretty boring with the exception of Mamie and Calico. Everything else was meh so this finale fits.

I do hope they learn from Blood Tide that they can have a radically pared down cast and story arc, but still deliver serious creepy.
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