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October 22, 2021 12:57 PM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Jackie's death leaves a power vacuum, Brendan's death leaves Chris fearing for his life, and Anthony's discovery of what his father really does leaves him confused.
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- It's the 90s! WOW that web site Meadow dials up for AJ to get the truth about their dad. I hope someone really made that site and/or has kept it going since then.
- This episode continues the exploration of the children's growing knowledge of the family business. Robert Iler is astounding as AJ. There are subtle bits of physical acting that show his influence from Tony, as well as a very believable obliviousness. His dawning realization is a fun contrast to Meadow's attitude.
- I thought it was kind of implausible that John Heard's crooked cop would actually beat up Dr. Melfi's date. I mean, I get that he's a mess, but isn't one of the main goals of private detective work to not call attention to yourself?!
- I was sad to learn that Mark Blum, who played Randall Curtin, passed away due to COVID in spring 2020.
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The only thing more 90s than that website? Meadow printing out a copy of it for him.

"He was raving. Prime rib! Hamburger! It was surreal."

"Fuckin' moron."


"I mean... this guy, sounds like a fuckin' moron!"

Nice save there, Tony. *eyeroll* Melfi's delivery is so damn funny.

Something that doesn't play as well now as it did in '99: the sight gag of the topless dancer expressing her deep felt sorrow over Jackie Aprile's passing.
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