Supernatural: Slumber Party
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Sam and Dean accidentally free Dorothy Gale, who has been trapped in the bunker for years, and with her the Wicked Witch of the West.


Sam: [to Charlie] So, you've been hunting.
Dean: Alone.
Charlie: I know. Not a good idea, according to the Supernatural books.
Sam: You really can't delete those from the internet?
Charlie: Not even I can do that. I mean, c'mon.
Dean: Where do you even find them?
Charlie: A top secret place I call Amazon. And someone uploaded all the unpublished works. I thought it was fanfic at first, but it was clearly Edlund's work.
Sam: Who uploaded it?
Charlie: I don't know. Their screen name was "beckywinchester176". Ring a bell?
Sam: None. Uh, nobody's. Uh, no, there are no bells. Uh... No.

Charlie: [to Sam and Dean after killing the Wicked Witch] Ding dong, bitches.

Crowley: [to the Wicked Witch] What's the matter, darling? Cowardly Lion got your tongue?

Dorothy: I met up with these three freedom fighters. And they thought I was this child of destiny, chosen to kill the Wicked Witch. They protected me. And then the Witch turned them into...
Charlie: A Scarecrow, a Tin Man, and a Lion?
Dorothy: [nods] And then she hunted me down. And killed me.
Charlie: Yeah, that never made it to the books.
Dorothy: Sometimes real life is darker than fiction.

Dean: I told you to stay in the dungeon.
Charlie: I bet you say that to all the girls.

Charlie: Do you remember the poppy fields in the first book?
Dorothy: That's not actually how it happened. It was much bloodier.
Charlie: Stop ruining my childhood.

Charlie: Holy crap! The first case investigated in this bunker involved Dorothy. She and the Witch came into this room, and they never came out. This will never stop blowing my mind!
Dean: Okay, pace yourself, Toto.

Charlie: [looking for the key to Oz] You keep your porn meticulously organized, but not...
Dean: Don't judge me.

Dorothy: You have no idea how odd it is having a series of books written about you.
Sam: Actually, I do know. And it is definitely weird.

Peter Jenkins: [to the Wicked Witch] So, what do you have to say for yourself?
Dorothy: Nothing. I cut out her tongue.

Charlie: Big fan.
Dorothy: Hm.
Charlie: Ozma of Oz...
Dorothy: Is a total ass.
Charlie: You were much nicer in the books.

Charlie: [about Dorothy's "ruby slippers", which are a pair of red stilettos] I don't believe it. Did you really walk down a brick road in these?
Dorothy: No, I never actually wore them. Seemed kind of tacky wearing a dead woman's shoes.

Crowley: [to the Wicked Witch] Big fan. Love your work.

Dorothy: So you coming or what?
Charlie: What? With you? To Oz?
Dorothy: Yeah, you said you were looking for adventure. Well, here it is, Red. Come help me find my damn dog.

Dean: [after Charlie goes to Oz with Dorothy] Think she'll be back?
Sam: Of course. There's no place like home.

Dean: [possessed by the Witch] You'll join Dorothy right after you watch her die.
Charlie: Sorry about the nards, Dean. [kicks him in the groin]

Sam: I'm sorry I haven't hung up the "Hang In There, Kitty" poster yet, Dean. Feel free to redecorate.
Dean: So, what, our home's not good enough for the "Hang In There, Kitty" poster?
Sam: This isn't our home; this is where we work.
Dean: What's the difference?


When Charlie arrives, she asks where their Commodore 64 is. The Commodore 64 was an early, easy-to-program personal computer introduced by Commodore Business Machines in 1982.

When Charlie first examines the ancient computer, she exclaims, "Sweet Ada Lovelace!" Ada Lovelace was an early 19th century British countess and mathematician who worked on a prototype computer, the Analytical Engine, and is considered the first computer programmer.

In the beginning of the episode, the two Men of Letters refer to "Frank's kid". The Wizard of Oz and the thirteen sequels were written by L. Frank Baum.

This episode is more true to the original Oz books, which were quite brutal compared to what the Wizard of Oz movie depicted. L. Frank Baum wrote many different books about Oz, which showed many different aspects of the world. The continuing battle being fought in the world of Supernatural is similar to the battle being fought in the land of Oz.

If it's The Wizard of Oz books that are supposed to be a guide rather than the movie, then the shoes should be silver instead of red. They were changed in the movie to take advantage of the colour film.

Crowley calls the Wicked Witch "Miss Defying Gravity". This is a reference to the Broadway musical Wicked, which is a prequel to The Wizard of Oz about how Elphaba (the Wicked Witch) became evil. One of the most famous songs from the musical is "Defying Gravity", sung by Elphaba.

After Charlie defeats the witch, she says, "Ding dong, bitches!" to the Winchesters. This is a reference to the song "Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead", from The Wizard of Oz.

The song Crowley whistles is "Over the Rainbow", sung in the film The Wizard of Oz by Judy Garland, who plays Dorothy Gale.

When Sam removes Charlie's gun from the box, it is a Chamelot-Delvigne model 1873. The use of this model firearm is likely a homage to Neil McDonough's character Wyatt Cain in The Wizard of Oz-based 2007 miniseries Tin Man.

On Charlie's tablet desktop is a picture of Lying Cat, a character from the comic series Saga. Charlie wore a Lying Cat t-shirt in "Pac-Man Fever" (ep. 8.20). Charlie's t-shirt in this episode shows the name Sonmi-451, a character from Cloud Atlas.

A few references to previous episodes can be seen on Charlie's computer show: the lock screen is a fictional map of the fictional land of Moondoor, from the episode "LARP and the Real Girl" (ep. 8.11), she then proceeds to unlock the computer by drawing the letter "H" on the screen, a possible nod to her love for Hermione, from the Harry Potter series, which was revealed in the episode "The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo" (ep. 7.20). There is also an icon for an app featuring the logo of the show -- which could be construed as breaking the fourth wall and an Easter egg, or could be the icon for Charlie's e-book collection of the Supernatural books within the show.

Charlie mentions that beckywinchester176 (referring to the recurring character Becky Rosen who was briefly Becky Winchester when was married to Sam in the episode "Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!" (ep. 7.8.) uploaded all the unpublished Supernatural works to the internet. This episode is number 176 of the series.

When James and Peter play chess at the start of the episode the board is set up wrong. The black square should be on the left corner not right, which means the entire chess set would be set up incorrectly.

Dorothy refers to the Men of Letters as "librarians". The MoL organization is quite similar to the library featured in the Librarian TV movie series, and its spin-off The Librarians.

When Dean is fighting the Wicked Witch, it's obvious it's Jensen Ackles' stunt double she "flings" across the bed. In the same flight scene where Jensen Ackles' stunt double becomes clearly noticeable, Felicia Day's stunt double is visible as well.
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I love the Oz books and am the happy owner of a complete set of the 14 original books, so this episode was a delight to me when I first came across it. The writers clearly had their fun going meta with the text, and putting a Supernatural spin on it. L. Frank Baum as a Man of Letters! The Oz books as bowdlerized fan fiction! Grown up Dorothy as a tough-talking gay Amelia Earhart-type! And the Wicked Witch was cool. The ruby stilettos did annoy me though. They should have been silver!

If Dorothy has been smoke in a bottle for 75 years, she doesn't know what's going on in Oz or whether the rebellion is still going on.

How are Sam and Dean still discovering what the bunker has? I can understand their not finding secret rooms, such as the dungeon, right away, or if they couldn't get into rooms that were locked up, but surely they would have walked all through it the first day they were there and known that there was a garage and a computer room.
posted by orange swan at 6:11 AM on November 5, 2021

Charlie feels much more like herself in this one, and it’s good to see her again.

That’s a nice little collection stored down in the garage. Very unusual colour on that T-bird. But you're absolutely right. They should have found the garage. Leaving the Impala parked outside the bunker is just like lighting a beacon for various nefarious supernatural types.

My thoughts echo yours about the ongoing Oz political situation, orange swan. Here's exactly what I thought when that bit came up: Dorothy is a being a bit presumptuous. Who is to say that Oz didn’t change in 75 years or that the rebellion didn’t find a new leader?

Sam admitting that he has never had a happy home is very sad (and very true), but the reality of the fact still seemed to hit Dean pretty hard. I guess he has never thought about his baby brother’s life in those terms.

I get Dean’s desire to protect Sam from the truth about Zeke but lying to somebody about whether they were dead or not seems really low. I’m glad Charlie called him out.

The fact that Charlie couldn’t even guess at who BeckyWinchester176 was, seems to imply that Chuck never included Becky in the Supernatural chronicles. I mean, sure, she was a minor player, but she still had a part, including serving as Chuck’s messenger at leats once. I guess it’s just further evidence that Metatron was truthful with Cas at least once: God is a sexist.
posted by sardonyx at 8:21 AM on November 5, 2021

To be precise, Sam doesn't say he's never had a happy home, but that he has no memories of the home the Winchesters had before Mary died, and that whenever he has tried to make a home of his own (i.e., with Jessica, and then Amelia), it came to a bad end of some kind. Perhaps part of the reason he doesn't want to look upon the bunker as a home is not that it's not good enough (which was the way Dean took it), but that he's afraid to get attached to it lest he lose it.

Oooh, I hadn't taken in the implication that Becky isn't in the Supernatural books. She certainly should be. Perhaps Chuck didn't want to document his own failed relationship with her? Or perhaps Becky is in the books and Charlie knows full well that she is and is pulling Sam's leg when she innocently asks who Becky Winchester is.
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I don't think Charlie was teasing Sam or just pretending not to know who Becky could have been. The line reading didn't seem to imply that. It felt fairly straight (for lack of a better term). As you recall, she said at first she thought the unpublished works were fanfic. Then she concluded they were real. If there was a trace of Becky in the books, Charlie would have put two and two together and figured out who she was. Besides, everybody keeps making references to the Sam character not being lucky with the ladies. Well, Becky, even before she got involved with Chuck made her intentions perfectly clear about Sam. You'd think that would have been fun content for the books.

Yes, Sam was specific about not having the same memories as Dean about the Winchester home but I kind of thought he implied that the only good times were being on the road in the Impala and that he's never really had a happy (from start to finish) home. As you said, life with Jessica and then Amelia didn't end well, and I'm sure that has tainted his concept of home and happiness and safety, and a whole bunch of other things.
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I really like Maya Massar as the witch. The actor seems like a total hoot. Surprisingly limited body of acting work.

It's not Charlie's fault that the writers don't know the difference between a mainframe, a minicomputer, and a microcomputer.

Though Charlie does hand Dean a 9mm Parabellum and a .45 ACP round, one for Sam's Taurus and one for Dean's 1911.

Even if the Clubhouse has an excellent armoury with an assortment of bullet presses, that Chamelot-Delvigne takes a really weird antique cartridge and can't use modern "gunpowder." Probably would have to turn solid brass on a lathe to make the case, and then make a custom mould for the actual bullet. Not sure what kind of primer those cartridges used.

Dorothy carrying a kukri speaks a little to her backstory; probably spent some time in Nepal or Northern India? Like all the other colonial anglophiles of the era aspired to.

The upkeep of the Clubhouse seems really uneven. The room Charlie's staying in looks almost Dickensian orphanage with it's poorly applied and now rotting paint over hastily plastered walls. The old weapons/ items/ stuff strewn about feels super like a video game - in a generic "adventurer's room" way with a couple of stubby black candles on top of a pile of nondescript books. A couple of random sacks and low-level weapons.

Ezekiel's not being completely honest with Dean, is he? Like, "naw, I don't have enough power to bring your dead friend back. Oh, if you *really* want me to... but it means I stay in Sam longer. Oh, ok, bend my rubber arm. Fine. <brings Charlie back to life>
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I don’t care and it’ll never come up again, but why does Dorothy know what Heaven is like? I get that she died and went there, and they never quite explained how she was brought back to life, but either way most dead people don’t remember Heaven unless angels want them to. (...are winged monkeys a kind of angel.)

I can understand Sam being gun-shy about thinking of the bunker as home, but you can tell it’s also a little bit of a knife in Dean’s heart.
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winged monkeys

lol. Pity they didn't have a bigger CG budget.

I don't know why this is bothering me at all, but a missed opportunity to show that the minicomputer was partially powered by hexes or something. A fitbit likely has a couple of orders of magnitude more computing power than that museum piece.
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