Transparent: The Wilderness
January 5, 2015 8:53 PM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

As they struggle to come to terms with Maura, Josh looks for answers from a rabbi named Raquel (Kathryn Hahn), and Ali looks for answers in a Gender Studies class with Syd. Sarah is left to answer questions from her own kids, who meet Maura for the first time.
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Kathryn Hahn is so good in this, especially if you've only seen her in comedic roles. (I will say that I was let down by what I felt was the trite plot of the movie she did with Soloway, Afternoon Delight. I don't recommend it on general points but if you're really into Hahn's acting or Soloway's writing/direction it's fine, just not as emotionally groundbreaking as the series.)

I will say that especially around now I felt there was a sort of structural error emerging in that Sarah's (and Tammy's) are not left with enough time to be seen as wholly developed characters. It's a fairly minor failing but I think it damages the audience's relationship with Sarah especially.
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I guess Len has decided to compete with Josh for being the worst.
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