Supernatural: Rock and a Hard Place
November 9, 2021 5:33 AM - Season 9, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Sheriff Mills calls Sam and Dean for help with multiple disappearances in the town. Discovering all four victims belonged to the same church chastity group, Sam and Dean decide to investigate by taking an pledge of abstinence and joining the group themselves.


Suzy: [opening the chastity group meeting] Now, does anyone have anything that they would like to share?
Tammy: I wrote a new piece of verse. It's called, "Sex Is a Racket, and God's Ball Is In Your Court".
Suzy: And we would love to hear that, Tammy -- later. Why don't we hear from our new friends? Sam. What brought you here to reclaim your virginity?
Sam: Well. I guess it's because every -- woman I've -- ever -- had relations with, uh, it -- hasn't -- ended well.
Dean: He ain't lyin'.

Dean: [sharing with the chastity group] But when you get down to it, what's the big deal? Sure, there's the touching and the feeling all of each other, my hands everywhere, tracing every inch of her body. The two of us moving together, pressing, pulling, grinding, and then you hit that sweet spot and everything just builds, builds and builds until it all just... [makes explosion noise] ... But the whole thing was just a little too sticky.

Sam: Wee bit of an over-share, Dean?
Dean: I was purifying.

Suzy: You're not like... the other guys in town, are you? You're kind of a... bad boy.
Dean: I don't know. Why don't you ask me that in Spanish?
Suzy: ¿Eres un chico malo?
Dean: Si.

Sheriff Jody Mills: I'd tell you boys to stay out of trouble, but what's the point?

Sheriff Jody Mills: You sure Dean was here?
Sam: [holds up Casa Erotica DVD] Oh, yeah. And I think he crossed someone off his bucket list.

Sheriff Jody Mills: I'm sort of new to this, but, you know, a Roman deity burying people alive in a barn? Sort of pathetic, don't you think?
Vesta: It only got pathetic when I started having to do it myself. Because of that hippie from Bethlehem. Before him, they practically threw virgins at me. And now --
Sheriff Jody Mills: They let your fire go out. They forgot about you. Yeah, I know. Sucks to be Lindsay Lohan, doesn't it?

Sheriff Jody Mills: Oak stained in virgin blood. Where are we gonna get a virgin?
Sam: [remembers pledge] I'm a virgin!
Sheriff Jody Mills: I think we need the real McCoy here, Sam.

Sam: It's taking virgins who break their chastity vow. So dragons are off the list.
Sheriff Jody Mills: I'm sorry-- dragons? Those are a thing?
Sam: Yeah. Too many things are things.

Sam: I couldn't help but think of those who weren't here.
Bonnie: Oh. Honor. She's my favourite.
Tammy: [overhears; is super offended] Ack! [to Sam] Her favourite? She has no idea what kind of girl Honor is.
Sam: You don't say.

Sheriff Jody Mills: Her mom said she heard Barb and her fiancé in Barb's bedroom.
Sam: Going at it?
Sheriff Jody Mills: Well, she said she heard "sex noises", then Barb crying, then Neil telling Barb it didn't count because it was under 30 seconds.

Vesta: They used to beg to stay pure for me. And now I have to drag them kicking and screaming. And they're not even *real* virgins! They're born-again! You want to talk about pathetic?
Sheriff Jody Mills: Yeah. You're a real charity case.

Dean: Nobody in Hartford knows?
Suzy Lee: Yeah, what am I supposed to say? "Oh, yeah, hey, I used to be a porn star. Let's pray"?
Dean: Well... They do not appreciate you. I mean, the things you can do... the scene with the tacos.

Tammy: [complaining on and on to Sam about Honor] ... And I bake real cookies for the bake sale. Honor just brings Oreos!


Sam calls Dean at the chastity group leader's house and Dean hangs up without answering, saying, "Not now, Kato." He could be quoting Inspector Jacques Clouseau from the 1960's Pink Panther movie series or the Green Hornet's faithful man servant.

The title could be a reference to the song "Rock and a Hard Place" by The Rolling Stones.

At about 24 minutes in to this episode, Honor goes to light a lantern with her lighter but you can clearly see the LED lights at the base of the glass on the lantern. The lantern is a modern one that takes batteries and does not have a wick to light.
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Dean definitely enjoyed being the cat among the pigeons at chastity club, and it really was funny, but the whole "porn star becomes chastity counsellor, then bangs Dean fifteen minutes after he walks into her apartment" was an eye roller. Of course Dean would go there if he had half a chance, but Suzy has built an entire new identity around being chaste and she can't be even briefly alone in her apartment with a hot guy without going to town on him?

Jody is such a badass, stabbing Vesta from behind and saving Sam, despite having been stabbed herself. Love her.

Is the "hippie from Bethlehem" thing the series' only direct reference to Jesus? It is so odd that Supernatural ignores J.C.'s existence. They show crucifixes with him on it in churches, there are references to being born again... but he's not a player at all in the Supernatural universe?
posted by orange swan at 5:45 AM on November 9, 2021 [1 favorite]

Given the treatment that 'Supernatural' gives to religions and mythology, I am actually curious what take they'd give to the son of Joseph. I wonder if avoid him is partially apprehension over a Charlie Hebdo/ Mohammed situation?

If I had to apologize for the show, it'd kind of make sense for JC to opt out of 'the game' given how so many members of his extended pantheon are portrayed as jerks.

Always nice to see Sheriff Mills.

That bright white church with the interesting architecture is just off to the center of the DTES. It's usually much less bright.

Suzie being written as a former adult entertainer is kind of gross in the characterization of former adult entertainers. People in that profession are almost certainly more adept at dismissing obsessive fans than popular actors who do conventions... and feels rather unlikely to keep commercial copies of their own performances in a random drawer by the DVD player after forsaking the profession.
posted by porpoise at 7:17 PM on November 9, 2021

The entire thing with Tammy was dopey on the part of all concerned and all I can say is the actors did the best they could on the starstruck/horny continuum.

I like Jody and I know it turned out to be the bad guy, but saying “I am the cops” and cold-cocking a woman who’s freaked out you’re asking for her blood is not as badass as I’m supposed to think it is.
posted by jameaterblues at 8:28 PM on November 9, 2021

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