Legends of Tomorrow: "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Scientist"
November 12, 2021 7:44 PM - Season 7, Episode 6 - Subscribe

A trio of Legends cannonball across the country. Edison's light goes out. And that new guy looks really familiar.

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First, Sara with her hair rolled under into a fake bob, wearing that gorgeous crimson jacket and vest is a fashion aspiration.

I guess it's worth speculating about Nate's future (if he accepts Zari's offer to live in the totem) or any future appearances by original Zari, if Nate turns her down.

The main reason I'm putting this post up, however, it to give us a place to talk about Matt Ryan's new look. Personally, I'm so happy to see him lose the blond dye job, as it was never his colour, but I'm wondering what his personal take on facial hair happens to be. I'm not sure I'm interested in watching a character who seems to be as nervous and twitchy as Dr. Davies, but maybe once he starts time travelling he'll chill. I am going to miss John's cool facade.
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The new look really does suit him. And the running joke of the other Legends not seeing the resemblance to Constantine was cute. I'm still slightly baffled by the decision of keeping the actor as an entirely new/unrelated character. I shouldn't be, I suppose - Maisie Richardson-Sellers went from being Amaya to Charlie, and Flash has had all the various versions of Wells. But there's always been some in-story reason for the other lookalikes, it feels like this is the first time that they just straight up re-used an actor for a completely new role. I think maybe its coming so soon after Brandon Routh and Dominic Purcell getting written out makes it feel especially weirder to me. (I mean, I get the impression Purcell wanted to be gone, but Routh departure wasn't his idea.)
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The only easy in-canon reason I could offer is that comic book John has a long history of relatives and ancestors popping up to cause havoc. Most, I think, carry some version of the Constantine name and at least one (which I forgot about) has made an appearance in the Arrowverse. So maybe Gwyn comes from one of the side branches of John's family.
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It's so weird and somehow so funny to see Sara pulling a fake damsel-in-distress. It worked, though, and gives one to think about the (only occasional, alas) power of playing into stereotypes and tropes.

Who was the guy playing the cross-country racer? Getting one of those "seen him before" feelings (no, not Matt Ryan), but can't place him.
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Can't say I've seen him in anything. Looks like he's got a few Hallmark movies, and some small parts on a couple of shows I haven't seen, including When Calls the Heart and Hell on Wheels (if that's not a great juxtaposition of gigs, I don't know what is).
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