Supernatural: Blade Runners
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Sam and Dean assist Crowley in the search for the First Blade.


Crowley: [voicemail message] Too busy inflicting pain to answer. Leave a message.

Crowley: Who would have thunk it, eh, Moose? You and me. Same team. In the trenches. When this is over, we can get matching tattoos.

Cuthbert Sinclair: Dean. I am offering you the moon here. To be part of the greatest collection of all time!
Dean: ...
Cuthbert Sinclair: To be young. Forever. Let me teach you my secrets. Hmm? Be my companion. I have to be honest with you. It has gotten lonely here over the years.
Dean: When you were saying any of that, did it feel at all creepy?

Crowley: Brilliant, I must say. Speaking of myself, of course. All you two managed to do was get trussed up. Combine a little daring do on my part, some dumb muscle from Squirrel, a little bleeding from Moose. Happy ending. Roll credits.

Sam: [Crowley is messing with a vending machine] What is Crowley doing?
Dean: Stealing candy.
Sam: He is... he's... he's stealing candy.
Dean: You know, at least when Cass was human, he was an okay guy. Should've known Crowley would be a douche version. [to Crowley] Hey. Hey! Cut it out, man! Image. You're the king of rotten. *Act* like it!

Crowley: The First Blade was not, as hoped, in the Trench. It had, in fact, been scooped up by an unmanned sub, from whom it was stolen by a research assistant, who reportedly sold it to Portuguese smugglers who, in turn, lost it to Moroccan pirates in a poker game.
Sam: What?
Crowley: Poor Moose. It's always a little tricky keeping up, isn't it?

Crowley: [in the bunker's dungeon] Back in this fetid pit. Could at least have added some throw pillows.

Sam: We can do this one of two ways. The easy way -- you talk. Or the easier way [takes out demon knife] you still talk.

Dean: He goes missing for weeks on end without a peep? Well, not one that makes sense, anyway. Listen to this.
Crowley: [voicemail message] Dean. Um... nmmhnnm [indecipherable ramblings]
Sam: Wait a second. Did he... drunk-dial you?

Lola: The King is off his game. Except for sex, pizza, and human blood, he has no interests. He can't function without me.
Aldo: Well played.
Lola: I should mention he keeps getting phone calls from those Winchesters. They leave voicemails for him.
Aldo: Saying?
Lola: Mostly, they're rude.

Dean: [to Crowley] You just gonna let Hell go to hell?


Crowley's cell phone reflects an incoming call from Dean as "Not Moose".

Guest star Nicole Polizzi was previously mentioned in "Mannequin 3: The Reckoning" (ep. 6.14) when Dean said, regarding to going to New Jersey, "Hey, maybe we'll have a Snooki sighting," and Sam replied, "What's a Snooki?" Nicole Polizzi appeared with the nickname Snooki on Jersey Shore.

Crowley, sipping scotch and perusing the Busty Asian Beauties centrefold, says, "Well, hello Miss Ichigatsu". Ichigatsu is Japanese for January.

The FBI aliases the Winchesters use for the crossroad container are for Agent J. Lynne and Agent R. Tandy, referring to Jeffrey Lynne and Richard Tandy, members of the band Electric Light Orchestra. They had previously used these aliases in "Goodbye Stranger" (ep. 8.17).

Sam tells Develin, "We just want some answers," to which Develin replies, "Read Sartre." Jean-Paul Sartre was a 20th century existential philosopher.

Some of the paintings seen in Magnus' fortress include: "Bagged Hare and Game-Fowl" by Jan Fyt (after 1642); "The Head of Medusa" by Peter Paul Rubens (1617); "Witches' Sabbath" by Francisco de Goya (1798); "The Conjuration" by Francisco de Goya (1797-1798); "The Garden of Earthly Delights" by Hieronymus Bosch (between 1490-1505); and "Oedipus and the Sphinx" by Gustave Moreau (1864).

The establishing shot of the hotel shown just before Sam and Dean confront Crowley is the US Grant, located in downtown San Diego, CA.

Crowley says, "I see the darkness of it now, the Anthony Weiner of it. It makes you needy." "I see the darkness", may be a reference to the Bonnie "Prince" Billy song, "I See a Darkness", which was later covered by Johnny Cash. Anthony Weiner was an American politician infamous for a scandal in which he sent lewd pictures of himself, including some of his penis, to women with whom he was not romantically involved, as well as to a 15-year-old girl.

The title of this episode is from the 1982 Ridley Scott sci-fi movie Blade Runner.

In 1974 Allan E. Nourse wrote "The Blade Runners" in which a dystopian medical system results in doctors providing illegal black market surgical treatment using equipment and supplies provided by surgical smugglers known as blade runners. In 1979 William S. Burroughs rewrote the story making it a tale of a drug-addicted, psychopathic, homicidal homosexual who smuggles said supplies. In 1982 filmmakers of a movie version of Phillip K. Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (a tale of a policeman hunting down synthetic people who try to pass as real humans) hired Burroughs to think up a short snappy title for the film. He reputedly got $50,000 for suggesting "Blade Runner".

Magnus was a vampire who made Lestat de Lioncourt his sole vampire fledgling as told in The Vampire Lestat. Anne Rice's character was also known for being an alchemist by trade as a human and stealing his vampirism from a young vampire he had captured, after being denied it for being old. His "re-birth" was considered an affront on the "spiritual order".

For the scene where Enochian message is seen on Dean's car, the signs were actually carved into the metal rather than painted, which made actor Jensen Ackles genuinely upset.

In the final scene where the Impala is scratched up and Crowley pushes Sam and Dean against it, there is no driver's side mirror. This may have been so Jensen Ackles wouldn't injure his hand when being pushed against it.

Opening scene includes an inebriated Crowley getting teary-eyed while watching the classic romantic movie, Casablanca.

The plot of this episode is similar to the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Most Toys", in which a collector of rare items wants to add Data to his collection. Here, a collector of rare items wants to add Dean to his collection. On Next Gen the collector was played by Saul Rubinek, who also had a recurring role on the show Eureka. On Supernatural the collector was played by Kavan Smith, who also had a recurring role on the show Eureka.

In the opening scene on the laptop screen there's a page open about Cain and Abel. The following excerpt is redundantly on the page multiple times word for word: "Cain is described as a crop farmer and his younger brother Abel as a shepherd. Cain was the first human born and Abel was the first human to die."
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Dean's right -- the human version of Crowley does suck. He's crying over Casablanca, reading Little Women, robbing vending machines. But then, when Crowley was human, he sold his soul for three more inches of schlong, so....

The bit with Nicole Polizzi playing a demon-possessed version of herself was very funny, as well as very sporting of her. I actually didn't get the reference my first run through the show because I didn't know who she was, never having seen Jersey Shore.

Again with the Busty Asian Beauties references, complete with fucking gong effect.
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TV Tropes probably has a name for the thing where villains who people like get softened up, usually as some way to keep them around or make the next bad guy seem scarier or both, even though the king of Hell should be kind of scary and Crowley and the Winchesters have excellent reason to want to obliterate each other. There are definitely more tiresome characters on this show, but this direction might work better for me if I started caring about Crowley's problems, because I sure do not.
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Villain Decay?
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