The Morning Show: Fever
November 19, 2021 7:15 AM - Season 2, Episode 10 - Subscribe

TMS covers a growing crisis that turns personal for Alex and Bradley.
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I, for one, do not welcome our more jerktastic Alex. Her apologies in previous episodes seemed sincerely contrite and that she was trying to make amends to those she had wronged, while her streaming TV episode seemed to be going into the feverswamp of rightwing "fuck the haters" attitude and railing against "cancel culture". Chip tells her to "just read the script", which makes me wonder how much was supposed to be her contribution versus his, or how much is his us-vs-them aggrieved world-view filtering through.

I, for one, also do not welcome the Cory + Bradley romance subplot. In the behind-the-show after the show, one of the principals said how excited the audience was for Cory and Bradley to get together: "Just kiss her already!". I have no idea what audience she was talking to... It's a wildly inappropriate power imbalance between the CEO and an employee, plus totally rude since Bradley has a girlfriend.

I did love Stella's series of post-its concluding with "destroy these notes". If you're taking notes on a criminal conspiracy, be sure to add an action item to shred them later.
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I had the same thought as the Vulture reviewer over at NYMag - a tiny part of me actually wondered for a brief moment if Alex would die alone in her penthouse and her dog might eat her cold dead body. By the end of the episode that macabre scenario did not seem any less awful than what actually happened.

Other thoughts - Cory did not earn that big I LOVE YOU moment and him saying it 3 times without Bradley responding only made it more ridiculous. This season needed 90% more Stella and Mia, and 95% less Chip. This show frustrates me to no end, because the actors are fantastic, the characters are awful but compelling, and the plot is just a nonsensical mess. If there's a Season 3 I doubt I'll watch.
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