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December 6, 2021 12:15 PM - Season 3, Episode 6 - Subscribe

The group celebrates their success by getting to know each other better and looking into the background of Orym's contact in the city, but the past is following one of them closely...
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Oh my god, the theater kid energy was off the charts, even before they got to the theater.

They're really revealing all of their backstories (or at least parts of them) early this time, huh? Partially because of the party game, partially because they're a far more open group than the M9 were, at least superficially.
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Even during EXU Dorian was very reluctant to discuss his family situation. He mentioned a brother and that he left a very close-minded society but not much more than that. Orym and Fearne weren't that reluctant to discuss things which is why it's strange to me Fearne hasn't mentioned her grandmother or parents much.
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The scene where Orym tries to gaze wistfully out the window while giving his backstory - only it turns out that there is no window (and Laura offers the hole in the floor) - was hilarious, though.
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FCG Thermos merch please.
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This episode made me wonder how much of this campaign is more structured than previous campaigns.
The drinking game really felt like something that Matt knew was coming ahead of time.
I'm not suggesting it's scripted, but they seem like they have some kind of loose plan, a framework for the more improvised parts of the show.
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