Centaurworld: Season 2: full season
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Horse embarks on a mission to build an army and defeat the Nowhere King. It won't be easy, but she's got the herd by her side - and Rider back home. Available now on Netflix.

Hey New Friends, I'm glad you made it. It takes a bit of boldness, and a little bit of magic, but together we'll make it through all eight episodes of season two.

“In Season Two, we deal a lot with impostor syndrome,” [Dong] explains, “with [Horse] coming to terms with her own limitations and learning to relinquish some control and trust her friends and family. And that’s tough for her as a warrior. It’s exciting to see Horse pushed further out of her comfort zone, and also to see some of the other characters step into their own.” - Rolling Stone interview

Season 2 soundtrack available everywhere (spotify link).
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I felt like season two had a tougher sell - kind of like act two of a musical. Slightly different themes, and lots of Comfortable Doug. I still highly enjoyed it, definitely worth a binging.
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OMG. So much crying. And I mean me. Me crying.
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We've only seen ep1 so far as we're rationing, but Megan Nicole Dong retweeted my step-child's tweet about how our cat Speedball doesn't like her music except for Centaurworld and now she is on cloud nine!
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I very much liked it overall, but I thought the last bit felt a little rushed. Some of the songs could have used another verse or two, to give the emotions more room to breath. Ultimately, though, I thought this was a pretty great show all told.
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Heads up, the finale - it's both season and series - is much longer than the usual episode.
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The Glendale Elizabeth Holmes bit was truly... just my favorite gag in anything, in any medium, ever.
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