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Don gets visited by an old friend. Peggy gets a big opportunity.
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Something that I first noticed in this episode. Pete's chair... Pete's new office is pretty modern looking, but he has this gigantic leather chair that looks at least 20-30 years older than everything else in the office. It also much larger than Pete and makes him look incredibly small.
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I wonder if the Scarlett character was originally planned to have a bigger role after season 5 and it just didn't work out?
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Scarlett ends up being Harry's secretary and plays a pretty substantial role in Season 7, Ep 2.
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Megan thought she was getting obscene phone calls, but it was just Roger trying to reach Marie. I'd forgotten that bit.

RS: "What is Regina?"
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Mad Men Team Talk 'Perfect' Series Finale, Spinoff Possibilities

Weiner noted that the back half of the series’ swan song will “advance the story in a different way.”
“The last seven episodes, each one of them feels like a finale,” Weiner continued.

LA Times.

Mad Men's 7-Episode Farewell Run Gets Premiere Date at AMC
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Great use of the best Bond theme.
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In this episode, Don resigns himself to the fact that everyone he cares about will leave him and/or he will push them away...he does actually make a statement to this effect. And, having resigned himself to the inevitability of that eventuality, he also sees that he prefers people leaving him the way that Peggy did versus the way that Adam and Lane have. So, even though he sees that Megan is on the way out, he is helping her on her way, rather than trying to quash her as he did to Betty (who also ended up leaving him anyway...) I actually found this episode to be somewhat redeeming for Don...
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Great use of the best Bond theme.
There is an interesting stylistic parallel between James Bond and Don Draper, I think. We first meet both of them in the early 60s. They are defined by sharp suits, set views and an unending quest for female company (here is Ian Flemming's very Don like illustration of Bond - commission from before the films). Yet both of them might have started to look a little out of date in the latter part of the 60s. Both characters are in their late 30s to early 40s - although with pasts that are kept mysterious. As the first half of the 60s gave way to the more flower powered second half - both characters must have seemed a little out of date.
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I love the scene between Pete and Beth at the hospital. Therapy from unofficial sources is sort of a running theme in this show (Don opening up to Dr. Miller, Betty with Sally's psychiatrist, now Pete with a post-shock-treatment Beth) and as much of an ass as he is on the train, Howard is, in fact, even more disgusting than Pete is, Pete has reached some sort of clarity where he can't bullshit around that, and of course, cherry on the Sundae, Trudy grants him the apartment in the city, that he only wanted for dalliances, just as he's at the point of possibly turning over a new leaf in his dedication to his family.
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And I just realized-

(I never know what's obvious or completely hidden in this show. It's made in a way that makes most of its symbolism beautifully evasive. And this episode does a pretty poor job of that, compared to the rest of the series. But)

-All the remaining partners are reeling from Lane's death in their own ways. When they visit the upper floor, it is an empty white space, from which they look out. It is all potential, and they only have dreams of what it might look like yet. And they take a moment to all stand together and look outwards at the view from the sky.

But the first thing that happens there is that Joan marks the spot where the stairway to it will be constructed.

Damn you, Matt Weiner. That is gold.
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