Yellowjackets: Blood Hive
December 12, 2021 7:19 PM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Out in the wilderness, the girls ride the crimson wave and plan a dark arts slumber party. Natalie and Misty tame a stallion. On Halloween night, Shauna parties like it's 1996.

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Misty!!! You creep!!! In so many ways!!!
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Has anyone checked if the radio on the chesna works?
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Not that we've seen, Laura Lee's reading the manual so I assume she'll arrive at the section on radio operation sooner or later.
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It seemed like Coach was putting Misty on with his speech as an attempt to deflect her possibly murderous affections.
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I felt this was a bit of a wheel-spinny episode, which is disappointing given it's the midway point of the run, and did a lot of super-obvious and uninspired stuff (e.g. Natalie and Travis is already established, and the whole idea of a séance is just James Wan levels of ham), but Shauna getting caught by her surly daughter and then giving her the smackdown the next morning was fun, and yes Misty is a massive creep.

I wonder if Coach was trying to placate Misty not only so that she wouldn't kill him, but because she's been the only one who has really "looked after" him, and he knows that he will need her help into the future?

The soundtrack continues to slap, of course.
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"This is for the swelling... IN YOUR LEG" is a classic line.
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The infinite bad taste of teenagers was perfectly exemplified by Shauna's kid going as a dead Yellowjacket. (Assistant) Coach definitely knows that he needs to keep Misty happy, though at this point I think he is worried more about making sure she doesn't go telling everyone they are in love, rather than being physically scared of her.
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"My sweet--" pause, grimace, "Misty."

I love teen Nat and Taissa and Laura Lee so much that I think Shauna's monstrous daughter is suffering from the comparison. Although, I think I'd hate her anyway? But God, she's awful.
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So, who is the mysterious threatening person who sent the emails (and possibly killed Travis and painted Taesa's door)? I'm fairly certain I saw 6-7 masked cannibals in episode 1, which would be Misty, possibly Travis, Nat, Shauna, and Taesa plus 2 or 3 more, but other than a throwaway "have you heard from anyone else?" in ep 1 or 2, our main 4 haven't been speculating about the threatener's identity. Maybe they are the only ones who survived, and we'll find that out later, in which case the threatener is someone who knows a *lot* about them.
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I'm finding myself extremely irritated by the idea that everyone's periods could have synced. I mean, I've lived in a girls' dorm for a lot longer than the month (?) they've been out there and it never happened. Even my college roommates and I were not in sync, or any of my girlfriends.

Also why do the girls all have pristine, crisply ironed shirts while Travis is grubby as? And Nat is still bothering to do Goth eye make-up?

Ah, I nitpick because I like it. These are the little things that jolt me out of the creepy world they've set up.

I have loved Melanie Lynskey ever since Heavenly Creatures and it's nice to see her get a lead role instead of being secondary backup character. She is fantastic. Great casting all round but just particularly pleased with her character.
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